Hot Dog Eating Championship on July 4th

I know it goes against everything Soylent stands for, but I love to watch competitive eaters for some reason. (Crazy eating people are a large amount of my channel subscriptions on YouTube.)

Will anyone be watching Saturday? (12:40 EST)
I am rooting for Matt “Megatoad” Stonie to defeat Joey Chestnut and take the crown, just because I love his YouTube Channel so much…


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I watched every year, until my MLB team started playing July 4th games at 11:05 am. Morning baseball!

Anyway, eight years ago I went to Coney Island, specifically to watch the contest. Then I got two dogs from the Nathan’s stand.

Since I started following competitive eating, it has been interesting to see the typical challenger go from an overweight person to a fit person. Kobayashi really transformed the field. A skinny guy broke onto the scene and doubles the existing hot dog record!

I like Stonie. But Chestnut wins again.

Before this week, I was gung-ho thinking that Stonie would definitely win. He barely lost last year, he has been beating Chestnut at competitions left and right over the last few months, and he is considerably younger.

However, he posted on his Facebook page several days ago that he had had a disappointing training session because of stomach problems or something. After I read that, I am now definitely thinking it is going to be hard for Stonie to overcome Chestnut.

(Note: I am waiting for the requisite “this is gross” or “over-consumption in America” post that always follows such a discussion.)

Apparently Chestnut is “worried” about Stonie:

“Gut check: Runner-up ready to beat Chestnut at hotdog-eating contest”:

This would be a very bad community challenge idea: eat (drink?) as much soylent as you can.


I’m sure you could find someone on YouTube to do it. There are guys on there eating cactus, drinking quarts of cooking oil, etc.

Guy stuffs 69 hot dogs/buns into a fake stomach to show how much it is (Warning: gross):

How 9 straight titles would compare in other sports:

The latest Freakonomics podcast is a replay of a classic - their interview with

Takeru Kobayashi, who revolutionized the sport of competitive eating. So you’ll learn plenty about the tactics — physical, mental, and strategic — that Kobi employed while earning six straight victories in the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Definitely worth a listen, if you’re into this sport… and if you’re not.

… the episode isn’t really about competitive eating. It’s about seeing what the rest of us can learn from the breakthroughs that Kobi accomplished in his training and his thinking. If there’s ever someone who truly thinks like a Freak, it’s Takeru Kobayashi.


That is a great listen. (Still listening to it now.)
I think I may have actually heard that at some point, because some of it sounded familiar, but it is good to listen to again: thanks for sharing! It really shows the benefits of experimentation.

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They keep cutting over to Coney Island every 20 or 30 minutes for updates, interviews, stats, etc. on Sportscenter (ESPN2).

Women will compete at about 11 am ET (only on ESPN3 online), and the men will compete at about 12:40 ET, on ESPN2. (Coverage begins at around noon ET.)

Matt Stonie won! A true American hero, indeed.


It was an interesting contest. The introductions were the best part. (Especially the one for Eric “Badlands” Booker.)

Being unfamiliar with him, I have since went back and watched a lot of Matt Stonie’s YouTube videos on his channel. He is a beast and I am glad he won.

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Oh yeah, he is a total beast.

I am surprised I missed the Soylent post from Facebook at the time comparing the number of hotdogs (62 @ 9300 calories) to the number of days of Soylent. (just over 4 1/2 days worth)

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I know this is from last year and this years contest just happened. I think they should post what happens behind the scenes, the training, fasting, vomiting that happens with this contest. Bleh!

Nobody really fasts. Some even eat a small breakfast. It helps that the stomach is slightly expanded, rather than totally constricted.

Not much vomiting. Seeing that vomiting is an automatic disqualifier. And (take this with a grain of salt), these are professional competitive eaters. So they wouldn’t get far if they were prone to vomiting.

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Another year, another contest…

Pretty sure Joey Chestnut will win again, but Matt Stonie could pull another upset.


Chestnut won again this year with a new record of 72 hot dogs (and buns)

That is:
20,160 calories
1,728 g of carbs
1,296 g of fat
720 g of protein

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He tryin to eat as many hot dogs/buns as the amount of games the hometown Warriors won last season… We are in the middle of 2 great Bay Area dynasties right now!!!111

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I would love to see a contest where food manufacturers compete to see which of them could feed the greatest number of needy people. Competitive eating is repulsive.