Hot vs Cold water observations


Hi everyone,
I had a few observations that I wanted to share about what happens when you drink hot or cold water while on a Soylent meal plan.
I have been 90-100% consuming Soylent since January 1st and have come to understand the changes that my body had to go through to get to a smooth sailing, fat burning, and efficient machine. If you want to read my observations on that then you can read the entirety of my post. For the simple results of what the temperature of water does inside your body just read the next part.

Cold water holds everything together.
Hot water breaks everything apart.

Have you noticed that when you mix your scoops in a cup or jug with cold water it likes to coat the sides and stick there?
If you add hot water it will almost instantly clean the sides of your cup and aid in rinsing all traces of the soylent away. This also happens inside your body. Drinking cold water will maintain your regularity and hot water will flush your system. This is good understanding to keep if you want to get a good reading on your scale I suppose but should be strictly observed if you happen to be out and about and active. Drinking hot coffee will have the same rush effect.

I never really observed this hot vs cold effect with regular food… simply because hot water really doesn’t do anything to chicken or pizza. To a powder though it is entirely different.

*Timeline observations.
The first month was the most interesting and learning time of my experience so far. I am(was) a avid Dr Pepper and Arizona Sweet tea drinker. Getting off of the reliance of caffeine took almost 2 weeks. The loss of high sugar was most noticeable to me as I felt cravings and kept finding myself stopping at the gas station simply out of habit in hopes that I would go inside and buy a couple of bottles to drink at work. Changing my habits and mind was the most fascinating and interesting part. Every craving I had was there from years of just eating what I wanted. I found that drinking my soylent would turn off my stomach’s hunger for around an hour or two and then come back with a vengeance. Probably because I was still drinking my shakes like I ate before… to just sit down and chug it so I could get on with work. I found that if I sipped and just drank what I needed at the time to turn off my hunger (Which really isn’t much.) that my one serving would last 2-3 hours and make my stomach never feel hungry for that time. I also knew it would take my stomach time to shrink… I used to be able to eat allot and feeling full was that point when I ate the last of everything and then added a soda on top of it. In the first month I found I didn’t need caffeine any more. I didn’t feel sleepy at work and quickly just found balance and constant energy. My mood did drop however… I got a little sad that I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted… it just felt like I was floating along and a little depressed. I think I was withdrawing from my sugar and spikes of high energy food. Everything takes time and I can attest that it is worth it after the first month.

By the second month my mood was back up and peaceful. I noticed my skin had started to clear up, My back was clear. I thought this whole time it was just a genetic thing. I stopped carrying around a bottle of tums since I hadn’t used them in a month and had experienced no acid reflux from Soylent.
In the first month I had lost 18 lbs, down to 262. In the second month I lost another 9 lbs, down to 253. By then by knees had become silent, no more squeaking or whatever that noise was when I walked or squatted. My love handles had shrunk and I had gained 2 belt notches back. (I had been all the way to the last notch at 280 and was wearing size 44 pants to be comfortable.) By the way, I am 6’ tall just in case I failed to mention that.

Now I am just starting into the third month and have reached 249 lbs. (Breaking 10’s are milestones for me on my calendar.) I am happy and excited about seeing further progress. My next goal is breaking 240!
Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful day! The first part is a struggle to break your bad habits but it truly is a change that can hold allot of value and promise if you keep at it.


Good for you. Good for breaking the sugar habit. That’s a tuff one. Every so often I find I’ve overindulged in sugar and get hooked again. Then I have to make a conscious effort to eliminate it again. I think it’s harder than fat or salt. It is hidden in so many things.
Keep pushing forward :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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I’ve got individual spice bottles that get filled with 1 scoop. I mix it with 6-7 oz of water in a salad dressing shaker and chug. lasts about 2 hours.


This doesn’t seem very scientific to me. Your body regulates itself to an internal temperature of about 98.6 degrees F. Therefore, any fluids you consume will be warmed or cooled to that temperature as you digest them. It seems very unlikely to me that consumed fluid would maintain a temperature significantly above or below your body temp for long enough to have any influence on regularity or gut contents.

Regardless, though, it’s awesome that Soylent has had such positive effects for you. Good luck with it!

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True on the scientific part but… if you drink hot water the temperature will still be high enough for long enough to further make the soylent solution more soluble than it was before. Your body doesn’t have an internal cooling mechanism to drop the temperature rapidly (Sweating cools the skin and blood circulation can only cool so fast.)… it just deals with it as it passes through your stomach and into your intestines.
(Ha ha… and yes, this is all just my experience and conjecture. I don’t have subject trials or logs of proof. :stuck_out_tongue: I honestly wish I had a internal camera so I could see really what was going on inside. )