How about a dehydrated form of Soylent?


If you could make a dehydrated form of Soylent, then it would be more environmentally friendly, as the weight is less, and packages smaller and thus fuel to ship it would be less too.

So add your own water. Have you thought of it?


That’s been the plan all along, mailing water just doesn’t make sense.


Are you trolling? Its already coming in powder form and you add your own water.


Oh, I’m new here! Just learning all about it.


Awesome. Welcome aboard. There are a bunch of people here doing a lot of research on nutrition. I am learning alot from them.


:open_mouth: I want an alot, and now it turns out that you have the good fortune to be one, and one skilled in the art of scholarship! I am in awe :wink:


Sorry, I just had to:


Really? Bored are ya?