How about a show of good faith soylent?


It is all done by “layman”. They have never done this before. They went into uncharted waters. Fault them for maybe biting off more than they can chew and being to ambitious, but.I cant fault them for that. Any criticism to this point is whining. And quite frankly is embarrassing to witness.


by that logic, they should have done the crowdfunding campaign, and then stopped as soon as they hit their goal, as any additional orders will increase the demand and add in delays. That is no way to run a business; they are going to take weeks to deliver anything no matter what, so why should they close out new orders? They would cut off growth to save a few days? I would be angry if they did that, I want rosa labs to grow as much as possible, its how they will be able to do cool things and ensure a stable supply. It seems like an extremely short-sighted mindset to focus on getting initial orders out as fast as possible at the expense of all else.

additionally, your statements about using manpower to estimate how many orders they can ship are wrong. They would hold true if and only if the manpower was the limiting factor, which I really doubt it is. They are reliant on suppliers, which can be problematic and out of their control. They have to invest in setting up production lines, and that has to be done smartly; if you over invest and crank out stuff as fast as you can initially, you will meet the initial demand but that is going to be much higher than the sustained demand, and it will hurt you in the long run. as an extreme example, if they have 1 million weeks of soylent on order, and they set up the production to make 1 million weeks of soylent in one day, they will meet everyone’s orders immediately, but have far too much production capacity to work with.

I don’t know all of the challenges involved, and neither do you, but I do know it is complex with a lot of interdependent parts and long-term and short-term effects of every decision. I am sure rosa labs is doing the best they can to meet all of their goals, which includes getting out all of the orders as fast as possible, but also includes ensuring future growth and profits. I am not going to demonize them for making decisions that yield more profits; they are a company, that is what they are supposed to do. Taking more orders for their product is not malicious activity. That is laughable. Taking our orders, getting out payments, then never delivering would be malicious. Cutting corners to make a shoddy product with improper nutrition would be malicious. Continuing to take orders is just normal business.


Of course they appear “better organized”. They probably don’t have more than a handful of orders to ship in any given week…


Are there any other people selling their versions of soylent?


This is what I addressed in the sentence right after the one you quoted out of context.
Anyway, be that as it may, one has to admit that there already are many satisfied Soylent customers as well. Rosa Labs will find its way and this phase too shall pass.


Yeah. There’s a website started up by a forum member and the 100%food guy, and some threads here on the forum:


Oops you’re right, I completely missed that sentence.


Personally, I don’t feel sorry for you or anyone else. Anyone who has been following Soylent should have either expected or allowed for the possibility of delays. Admittedly, hearing the shipping dates get pushed back over and over has been very disappointing, but at no point did I feel like the Soylent team was lying to us or intentionally misleading us. At worst, at times they withheld information until they had a better idea of the big picture, but realistically speaking their biggest fault was actually not just doing that from the beginning. You really should have been paying more attention to what you were getting yourself into. And prioritizing re-orders is absolutely the right move. It took a while before my Soylent shipped (it should be here Tuesday! :D), but I’m glad to know that now that I have it, I’ll be able to re-order and receive more product. I plan on committing to a diet heavy in Soylent, as many others are, and the last thing I want to do is have to cut my diet off short because I can no longer obtain Soylent.

Being someone who works in customer service, I know some people are going to hear whatever the hell they want to hear and complain when their wishes don’t come true. The Soylent team didn’t promise you anything, and they owe you nothing.


"Personally, I don’t feel sorry for you or anyone else. Anyone who has been following Soylent should have either expected or allowed for the possibility of delays. "

You can never expect any customer to lurk around at the forums or to follow some blog before ordering a product in an online shop. If the shop states 10-12 weeks of delivery time for customers all over the world, these customers have no reason, not to expect the product to arrive in this time.

Additionally, a year of waiting time for many customers is no more simple delay.


Ok lemme school all of you in how a business operates. For some reason you all see soylent as a company that can do no wrong even though they have (maliciously or otherwise).

I preordered an xbox and paid upfront for it many weeks before it ever came out. I put my faith in Microsoft and they delivered without a hitch. Now, if they had tried to tell people that they wouldn’t recieve their products until almost 6-9 months after the expected release date, they would no longer be in business.

Do you see how that works? Just because they are a new company doesn’t give them any more privileges to screw up then the biggest corporation. Like was said before, no one forced these guys into this business.


That comparison doesn’t fit here. When Rosa labs put up their crowdfund campaign, the product didn’t even exist. Had never even existed. There were more hurdles to overcome than any of us will ever know. Pre-ordering an Xbox doesn’t even compare at all since MSFT is an established company that has produced game consoles many times before, and has all the manufacturing, supply chains, etc. needed to deliver without a hitch. Rosa did not have any of these things. They were starting from less than zero.

Anyone who backed the crowdfund campaign was backing a startup that might not have ever actually gotten to the stage of delivering product. That’s the risk of a crowdfund venture - that something unexpected goes horribly wrong and you never get squat. Thankfully in this instance, that didn’t happen and we are getting the products we expected. Maybe not as fast as all of us wanted, but we are getting it.

I just don’t see any sense in complaining at this stage. This is what startup ventures are like, and as others have stated I’m personally blown away at how far Rosa has come this quickly.

If you’ve never been in a startup, or have never started your own company from scratch that tried to do something HUGE… then frankly you don’t know what you’re talking about in terms of “how a business operates”. Just my opinion of course but hey… it’s based on some experience.


Im glad you should say that because I DO operate my own business that I started from scratch. And let me say that if I were to ever make promises to ship out ALL of my product to my customers by a certain date, then you better believe that date is accurate or they should have never made the promise at all.

I get that they are a start up and shit happens, their mistake was over promising. There was a point in my business when my 3D printer (my business) broke and I couldn’t produce orders for nearly a month. I didn’t still go around and collect peoples money and promise speedy delivery, I fixed the problem; and THEN went back to taking orders. Unsatisfied customers will kill a company. and customers that don’t even get the chance to be unsatisfied will do the same.

I just don’t get why everyone is so quick to defend a COMPANY. just because they have never done this before doesnt mean that they can’t hire people who have. meal replacements are not new and the market and production plans existed WAY before soylent was ever conceived.

so don’t be so quick to make rash, and frankly rude, assumptions about who i am based on the fact that i am pissed and you are not. frankly if you are not upset that you paid money and won’t recieve anything until september, when they said may, is just plain dumb on you part. it is BLIND ACCEPTANCE. Grow up people.

Not saying that I don’t like what these guys are doing as a whole, but they are doing it with the speed of a snail, and taking all of our money in the mean time.

PS i have a degree in business administration: entrepreneurship and small business management @vanclute


This dude needs to be banned. Totally unacceptable. You didn’t buy a product. You donated to a startup and got a “reward” for your donation. Someone corrects your misunderstanding and that’s how you reply? Time to grow up.


Hah, you made many good points in this thread just to destroy them with a single statement. :wink:

During (harsh) criticism do never provide the opposition any ammunition against you, because if you do, they don’t have to try to invalidate your points any more, they can just point the finger at you and call you a jerk :slight_smile:


Idk if u guys noticed but I repealed that last part. Doesn’t make the rest of what I said invalid in the slightest. Plus I’m not the one personally attacking people on the forum. That one was @vanclute when he insulted my intelligence


Repealing … pfff, a very easy way out :slight_smile: Try that in a face to face discussion, maybe you can edit your said words there as well.


I did not insult you. I said: [quote=“vanclute, post:34, topic:14012”]
If you’ve never been in a startup, or have never started your own company from scratch that tried to do something HUGE… then frankly you don’t know what you’re talking about in terms of “how a business operates”.

Notice that qualifier? IF… THEN… I assumed such a basic logic statement would be understood properly. Since you HAVE apparently done these things, than you DO know something about how a business operates. At least YOUR business.

Just because I consciously CHOOSE not to get all pissed off when something doesn’t go the way I want it to, doesn’t make me dumb or it “blind acceptance”. It means I choose to expend my energy in more constructive ways. Hell I got completely scammed by an investment I made recently over over $1k in bitcoin (that I purchased at that price). Complete and total flat-out scam and I fell for it. Oh well, shit happens. I’m certainly not happy about it, but it’s done and there’s not a thing I can do to change it now, so even though that money is rather sorely missed at the moment… I focus on what’s coming, not what’s passed.

So, it’s my opinion that you overreacted to what I said. I never insulted you, not even a little bit. You however did insult me, and apparently quite nastily so. Once again, I don’t care since it’s not worth expending any energy on. But you have every right to your feelings, and if you choose to expend your energy being angry, then go for it. I hope it proves constructive for you.


One partial statement doesn’t negate the many points I have made. If this is the only thing people are gonna use against me in this forum then that just proves how thin your argument is.

I said what I wanted to say and defended it.


Coconuts are kinda cool.


Cats are too, aren’t they @vanclute