How about a show of good faith soylent?


Why would you have an issue with them continuing to take orders? You’d rather they turn away customers for what reason? Why would any sane business owner ever do that? When you place an order, they are very deliberate in letting the purchaser know that there is a 10-12 week delay from the time of purchase to the time of shipment. 100% of the buyers see this notice and choose to place their order anyway.

If they weren’t okay with the delay, then they wouldn’t pay. I could see your complaint as being valid if Soylent lied to their customers or didn’t warn them about the delay. But they’ve been very clear about that.

[quote=“melkins2, post:1, topic:14012”]I suggest them offering a free week of soylent on the house with each reorder from a crowdfunding purchase.

Soylent hasn’t lost faith with their customers. What did they promise you that you feel they failed to fulfill? I’m not asking you what you want. I know what you want, which is your Soylent sooner. But I’m asking you, what did Soylent say they would do where they didn’t keep their word? You haven’t listed anything like that.


I’m not saying stop taking orders, just take care of the customers who backed you up when you had nothing but a promise to show for it.

And as far as shipping, they led everyone to believe they were shipping in May. And keep delaying and delaying. Now it looks like it will take at least until September to get one measly week. And that is provided there aren’t a shit load of large orders placed between now and then that will be fulfilled before the 1 week orders.

It just looks like they don’t have their shit together


And yeah I get that logistically shipping orders is a bitch, but guess what… That’s their whole damn business!!! Which they seem to be struggling with


So your complaint is that you expected to receive your Soylent in May, and are disappointed because you now believe you will receive your Soylent in September. Where did those expectations come from? Did someone from Soylent tell you to expect your Soylent in May? Or did you just build up those expectations in your own head, and are now disappointed that Soylent didn’t fulfill the expectations they never promised they would?


Have you not been reading their updates? Check out these old threads and tell me I’m wrong.

This one is from march

Oh and how about this one from april 9

And this one from April 18th is the first mention from the team that they would be bundling order fulfillment by order size and not by who was an original backer.


also in this thread they even admit that their past projections are incorrectly based off processes that were not finalized. So they did promise, and did not deliver, and just expect that people will understand. Just saying


Just to clarify. New orders are not going out before preorders. Your week preorder is not being pushed back further by new orders.


Hi, large amount of threads exactly like this is why we can’t have nice things… They are the reason why they had to stop making the weekly updates among other things. This isn’t because of you specificly, just flawed human nature in many people that saddens me :confused:


Reorders are being shipped out within 2 weeks. Our last one (the second reorder) came in under a week.


They are a startup! It is astounding that they have been doing as well as they have! The types of volumes they are operating on is something a company typically won’t see for years, if ever, and they have to pull it off right out of the gate. Its not even like a typical product where you ship once to a customer and you are done, they have to provide a continuous supply to many of their customers, further expanding the necessary scope. You wouldn’t look at a newborn and go “eww, its covered in junk and is all red and wrinkly, I shall now forever disregard them as a person because they didn’t descend from heaven in a beam of light”. Rosa labs has not done anything malicious, they have just publicly struggled with the realities of operating on this scale with no prior experience.


Look I get that they are just starting out, but it’s not like this is some group of friends in their garage churning this stuff out. They have vc funding and high production levels.

And vanclute even said he has reordered twice already.


Is this talking about the order size thing? If so, they are grouped by order size and THEN by original order date. If you ordered one week in the original crowdfunding campaign, you’ll get it before those that ordered one week during the preorder period.


Right I know. Which does mean that they push larger orders. What that means is that if I ordered 1 month right now, I would get it near the end of the 1 month shipment. But still before ANY of the smaller orders regardless of crowd funding status


At least that is what they have been doing from what I can gather


That’s not quite how it works. They are shipping only orders placed before May of this year. If my friend were to order 2 months today, they wouldn’t get it for 10-12 weeks. (After they ship out all preorders and crowdfunding orders.)


They do, which is why they can do this at all. I am blown away with how well they have been able to ramp up.


The option to do that is already long past. Perhaps you should more carefully read the threads they posted regarding this.


any new order goes to the back of the line right now regardless of order size!.. unless it’s a reorder (so people who are already on it don’t run out… this makes complete sense!)


This is where you are wrong. They have always known, how much manpower they have and approximately how much orders they can fulfill in a specific amount of time given a specific amount of manpower operating for a specific amount of hours / week.

So, if the startup realizes, that the demand in fact is much higher than what they can currently supply, they have two options:

  • Pause further orders/subscriptions. Let more customers in as soon as you have something to offer again.
  • Just take the money, accept all new subscriptions, care about delivery later. Probably rent & furnish some fancy headquarters, because you have to have one as a cool startup.

Rosa Labs decided to choose the second option and now they have to deal with the consequences. I don’t see a problem there, customers like @melkins2 have every right to be upset and their concern and anger shouldn’t be in any way downplayed by those who have faith in Soylent and Rosa Labs. Faith is a good and powerful thing. And dangerous as soon as money is involved.


No, absolute hogwash. Unless they have done this before they have no earthly idea what they are doing or what it entails.