How about a Soylent food truck?


Folks, I just had a beautiful vision of a stark-white food truck (with logo) on the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, serving up cold cups of Soylent for $3 apiece.

Can someone please make that happen?


What if the real Soylent doesn’t work?



…In that case, the truck could still be a beautiful piece of urban design.


So it is your opinion that we currently do not have enough urban furniture?


That’s not my opinion man, I was being facetious. Can we just stick to dreaming here? :slight_smile:


Does this look like a place where people dream? Does it look like we’re inventing food here?


… yes to both? (Or have I missed the point?)


i think you missed the sarcasm


Ah, I took the sarcasm to be going the other way (“Does this look like a place where we have our heads in the clouds? No? Perhaps that’s because we’re inventing food.”), as a “thou shalt not put forward ideas which are not explicitly related to the creation of soylent”.


It think that a food truck that specializes in healthy drinks in general, and not just Soylent, would be more viable. Soylent mixes could be on the menu with protein shakes and smoothies.

Good luck.


I had the idea and posted it in another thread, that Soylent vending machines in cities would be an interesting idea. A rounded box, the creamy ivory colour of soylent with stark black lettering, which dispenses Soylent cheaply into a customer’s container.

The idea is to provide nutrition cheaply to the poor.


great thought! I put this together awhile back, it’s on the back of some of our business cards, actually :smile: