How are fellow Canadians dealing with the embargo?

Holfood has too much caffeine for me to 100% it and Biolent doesn’t make me feel full. Consequently, I’m back to my old ways of mass-producing lentils and chili as meal-prep. How have the rest of you been coping? Am I the only this dependent on Soylent for my nutrition?

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It’s alright… I went back eating Subway now, but really missed the convenience.

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Check out these Kirkland Nutrition shakes. I’ve been using them to stretch my nearly depleted powder supply (I’ve got one bag left, actually).


Hasn’t been good. Grocery options are taking too much time out of the day and with little healthy choices which then leaves fast food. Results in weight going up which then upticks the depression level a little more.


Thanks for the link! I’ll probably end up trying those. I just feel weird buying a liquid product, since it inevitably means I’m paying for a lot of water.

I stocked up with 4 months of powder :wink:. That being said I might run across the border and pick some more up when I run out.

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I am almost out.

I might try making one of the types on the old DIY site. I night try this one:

Oddly enough, it is so hard to get ingredients in Canada. I know it is due to the size of our market, but it feels like Canada is on the moon sometimes.

Went back to fast/junk food, gained weight. Screw it.

I’m surprised you say Holfood has too much caffeine (from cocoa powder). A typical cup of chocolate milk has around 5mg, so let’s say 10mg or so in 500ml serving. Guessing you have a particular sensitivity to it?

Also surprised that quite a few people are not on Soylent powder alternatives like those mentioned here Soylent alternatives in Canada?

Are the alternatives bad enough that you would rather eat fast food? Not judging anyone; serious question, though I suppose I might be reading too much into just a couple of replies.

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Probably 1 part brand loyalty and 2 parts a little hope. :canada::us: psstt…@Conor
Also there are an overabundance of junk food joints here now mixed with not
that great healthy options at grocery levels.

…(no one tell Conor but he actually could have some great news to tell everyone very soon.) ** power of suggestion mind powers off. **

I tried TuDo which I felt great while consuming (but didn’t like the taste). They’ve had massive supply issues since Christmas so I think they’re done for. Also tried HolFood and really don’t care for that. It tastes good, but it isn’t filling and really doesn’t come across as a healthy beverage for meal replacement. I think the calories are all from sugar. I think I’m going to give up on this whole meal replacement thing once I’m done with my supplies.

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So what I think you’re saying is we ALL just want OUR Soylent back! :wink::beers::us::canada: @Conor

Simply put, yes.

I have been managing quite a bit of bliss lately with my new rice cooker, which of course is usable for many things besides rice. My breakfast has become oatmeal, for example; I pushed a button just before I went jogging this morning and when I returned I had something a lot better than fast food and actually easier, because it didn’t involve driving anywhere.


It’s funny you say that because I originally decided to try Soylent when I got sick and tired of eating oatmeal every breakfast.


Yes, that’s funny. I’ve been eating Soylent for breakfast for more than three years.

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ugh, I’ve eaten enough oatmeal & rice to last 3 lifetimes. I view them as survival/prepper foods now, lol.

I just import it myself. Large shipment to somewhere across the border and then go pick it up myself.

It’s a bit of work, but worth it :slight_smile: I’ve tried 3 Soylent alternatives and they all sucked!


I wonder if they’re getting any closer to a breakthrough? I’ve never tried soylent but really wanted to give it a shot. TuDo was ok- felt great while I was using it and I’m hoping soylent will produce a similar result. I guess I just have to wait and see…

We have a lot of people working on it. However remaking the product takes time to get flavor and texture right and other options which involve government petitions are slow with a lengthy review process.