How are the nutrients distributed throughout everyday's mixture?


I don’t know that this is a major concern but I was wondering how the nutrients are distributed when I mix a pitcher of soylent. Do they simply diffuse throughout the liquid or are some elements heavier and thus settling towards the bottom? I suppose the RDA isn’t exactly specific to 24 hour intervals, at least from what I’ve heard it’s simply what they recommend you get within a day or so.

I’m mostly wondering about this because of what I’ve read about nutrient interactions. If I only get Vitamin X in the morning and Mineral Y at night, would that interfere with uptake? I can’t imagine this would be healthy over time.

If this is a problem, would a good shake or two immediately before consumption fix it?

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Pretty much! It’ll taste better, too


Or many shakes. I often count 100 shakes. Soylent quickly resembles Los Angeles smog layers if it isn’t shaked before drinking. (I hasten to add that Los Angeles smog has greatly ameliorated in the last decade or so.)


Nitrogen pollution is receding across the whole western board. That might explain it partially. The smog, not your satanic shaking ritual.



But yeah, just shake it before pouring and nothing should be amiss.


The RDA isn’t even what you need to get every day … just on average daily. Some stuff is buffered in your body for weeks (probably even longer) before you’d get a shortage.

As for heavier particles… yeah they will sag to the bottom eventually (I know my cacao does), unless you homogenise the liquid using some sort of emulgator or so but I wouldn’t stress about it.

(that and Brownian motion…)