How are we supposed to drink Soylent?

By this I mean are we supposed to drink it in chunks, like a regular meal? Or are we supposed to kind of sip it throughout the day?

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You can do it however you like.

I’ve been drinking my DIY soylent like meals - 3 a day. It’s very filling. :slight_smile:

I just throw back one cup of my DIY every few hours now. I don’t follow any 3 meals a day plan.


I like a sensual bubble bath with some jazz to set the mood.

But that’s just me.


You may want to read up on intermittent fasting. I’ve tried before, but without good planning of meals, I tended to not stick to a schedule. I’m hoping Soylent will be the thing that allows me to stay on track. Also since it can be consumed rather quickly, I plan on taking my 30-minute lunch break to spend the first 25 minutes going for a brisk walk in my fasted state, and then drinking the Soylent in the last five minutes.

Pour it in your face hole. :smiley:

Some people drink it like a meal, at breakfast, lunch and dinnertimes, some treat it like a beverage and just sip as they want some. I’m planning, when mine comes, to have a big glass (Another thread, someone said if a pouch of it fills the 2 liter pitcher that comes with, then a third is 20oz) in the morning, then carry the rest with me and see how I want it. Might need a thermos to keep it cold.


Any way you can imagine! How about…

  1. Three times a day in a blender bottle

  2. Blend it in a blender with ice like a smoothie

  3. Mix it thick and eat it with a spoon

  4. Freeze it and eat it like ice cream

  5. Bake it and eat it like a cookie


I plan on consuming 100 calories every hour for 15 hours. I’m hoping that taking the “little and often” approach is going to help boost my metabolism.

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< < would be interested to know how this ends up working out for you. :smile:


I’m going to take pics before I start and I usually weigh myself in fairly consistent conditions every 7 days so will let you know how it goes.

Traditionally my metabolism has been pretty slow/crappy but then traditionally I’ve eaten badly so I’m not surprised.

In additional to 100 calories of cold Soylent on the hour every hour for 15 hours, I intend to drink 100ml of VERY cold water every hour on the half hour for 15 hours as well, just to really throw into the mix of things that is supposed to help increase your metabolism.

My morning alarm will be about 5 minutes before the hour, the plan is to wake up and virtually instantly drink 100 calories of Soylent.



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I really like this solution!


Soylent Pancakes??

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Ha! I’ve been thinking about a Soylent pancake recipe all morning. And, if pancakes work, then waffles should be a sinch.

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The effectiveness of this clearly varies from recipe to recipe. I’d recommend trying this on a very small amount first. I made the mistake of doing this to a meal’s worth of yesterday’s batch, and it the results weren’t good.

My main recipe (derived from QuidNYC’s superfood) is quite tasty, I think. Frozen, not so much. It tastes like mud with sawdust mixed in. And it freezes hard. Nothing like ice cream, or even a popsicle. It was like pykrete. It took way too much time and effort to eat, and melted at an incredibly slow rate (I think for the same reason as pykrete – poor thermal conductivity)


Did you stir it while it was freezing? That’s the key to making ice cream soft, you have to keep the mixture moving while the ice crystals are forming, to prevent it from becoming one big block.


This is why I wanted to see what an ice cream maker would do to it. If you freeze the milk/sugar mix for ice cream without stirring you will get a block of ice too.

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My recipe is an oat flour recipe like Official Soylent. I think the real Soylent will do well frozen. I was looking at QuidNYC’s masa recipe, and my imagination tells me you are right on target. :slight_smile:

Just freezing it will give you a Soylent-flavored block of ice. As Injector says, it needs agitation.

Without some sort of ice cream maker, you could make a granita out of it without too much trouble. Pour half an inch or so into a baking pan, let it freeze, scrape it with a fork to break up the crystals every so often until you end up with fluffy snow-cone like stuffs.

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