How are we supposed to drink Soylent?


I was going to suggest this very procedure, including using a baking pan, and fork, but had forgotten the name of the Italian dessert. By any chance, are you a “Good Eats” fan?


Verily. :smiley: Its why I was calling Isaackotlicky AB in disguise. :smiley:


Mine is actually half oat / half haranilla now. And much higher fat.


Nope. But then, the suggestion was simply “freeze it and eat it like ice cream”. If you just freeze it, it doesn’t eat like ice cream, so as the suggestion is currently stated, it’s a bust at least with my recipe.

Note that the first reference to frozen soylent I saw here also mentioned it being an accident – and I doubt anyone succeeded in accidentally freezing it while stirring! Based on different ingredients and amount of water, I’m sure some recipes freeze softer than others…but mine becomes a high strength building material :slight_smile: “block of ice” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Also, I’m not sure stirring would have helped the taste any. So again, I recommend starting with a very small amount and not committing a large portion of your daily mix to the experiment!


Exercise will have as much or more of an effect on your metabolism than meal spacing.


Granted but don’t estimate how lazy I want to be :smiley:

At some point I know I’m going to have to do something physical but for now I want to see how much weight I can lose with Soylent with just proper eating alone. I once lost about 56lbs just through eating properly but that was a decade or so ago, my physiology has changed since and I’ve struggled to achieve the same results (consistently loosing 2lbs a week).

I might go for the occasional 1-2 mile walk. We shall see.


I normally have coffee in the morning, lunch around 1pm & dinner @ 7pm. Then, I’m a hardcore snacker in the evening. Sometimes I gorge myself on fruit…sometimes it’s less healthy options. I’m very curious to see how I’ll manage a day’s worth of Soylent when I hit the witching hour.


I’m on day 2 now, and it’s my first day without a single crumb of solid food. I’m finding I just drink whenever the mood strikes me. It’s a weird sensation I get now… I suppose it’s “the new hunger” since that’s essentially what it means, but it’s not hunger as I’ve ever known it. More of a realization that I need some fuel, but it’s not accompanied by the usual stomach rumblings etc. Hard to describe and strange but I noticed it both yesterday and today.

I’m finding other interesting/surprising things as well, such as I haven’t had a single “snack” since 2 days ago, and normally I snack kinda all day long. In particular I’m fairly addicted to these:

for months now I’ve had anywhere from 2 to 10 of these a day. I can barely walk past them without grabbing one. But despite them sitting on the counter and seeing them all day long, I haven’t had the urge to grab one even once. And it’s not like I’m resisting… it’s also not like they’re now unappealing. I just look at them and… shrug… somehow I just don’t feel like it. Same has been true for all the other goodies I tend to keep in the house, including easter candy! I just don’t desire them for some reason.

This becomes a bit weird though when I watch TV, usually very late at night at the end of my day. I’m used to snacking while I watch, and not doing that just feels weird. I suppose I’ll get used to it in time but for now… really strange. I’m also finding myself with a lot of extra time now that I’m not preparing, eating, or cleaning up after “real food” and it feels SOOOO strange! Reminds me of what happened when I went on Polyphasic sleep for a while. Suddenly had all this extra time, it was crazy! Same kinda thing happening with Soylent. Not a bad thing for sure, but gonna take some getting used to.

And on that note… time to go drink some lunch! =D


Awesome post! That was very descriptive and almost exactly what I experienced. Congrats on two days.


Fantastic buddy, exactly what I was hoping to hear! Thanks for the update!


How do I break the news to my wife & kids that I’m divorcing them from the dinner table? :slight_smile:


LOL I would say - don’t! Just consume what you wish to consume. You can still do it at the table with them if you like. And heck after a while when you’re feeling better, your mood is better, you’re healthier, etc. their curiosity might get them to want to try it themselves. Stealth conversion! :wink:


I prefer drinking Tea in the morning but I was wondering if anyone had thought of using iced Coffee instead of water to mix up their breakfast Soylent?


People have added instant coffee to their soylent to flavor it. I’m sure iced coffee would work instead of water.


I have dissolved instant coffee in a little water and added to already mixed Soylent™ Very tasty and energizing.


I started DIY soylent 6 weeks ago and had all my drinking times planned out and measured and all my regular food meals planned to one every 7 meals. I didn’t last 3 days on that plan. Instead, I started eating soylent like I have any other food. I eat when I want to and when I feel like it. I have had two regular meals in a row, I have gone a full week without any “solid” food. Now, I don’t even think about it. I eat mostly soylent (like 90%) but still crave a nice big steak every now and again.

One big difference I have noticed is that food commercials no longer make me crave what they are selling.


Interesting observation about the commercials! I never crave anything from commercials anyway since they mostly tend to gross me out, but I have definitely noticed my cravings in general have declined massively, nearly 100%. All my usual goodies & snacky items are still in the house, and frankly… I just don’t care. I see them, ponder eating them, and just go, “meh”. I have no aversion to them, but I’m just not drawn to them like I was just a couple days ago. Crazy to have such a pronounced change so quickly! But I love it. =)


Yep. I didn’t quite know what to expect so I ended up with a bunch of regular food that I had to eat before it went bad.

For others: Once you get notification of your shipment, you may not want to go on a big grocery shop right before your Soylent arrives!


LOL that’s so funny… we were trying really hard not to buy any food in the last week since every day it was “is the Soylent here yet???” and we were hoping it would be the “end” of our grocery trips. Certainly a majority of them anyway… we still gotta go get food for the furry kids. =D


Yeah. And we still need stuff like TP and toothpaste. But a lot less dish soap! I hardly ever do the dishes anymore and it is awesome.