How are you faring on 100% soylent?


About three hours ago I had my first meal of Soylent. I ordered two weeks worth with the intention of living solely off Soylent for those two weeks. This would undoubtedly be the healthiest two weeks of my life. Last night I was eating chicken tacos, now I’m a temporary vegan. Here I am, now, at the restaurant I work at suppressing the desire to munch on everything in my reach. I didn’t expect to be full, but at least content to a point where hunger wouldn’t be on my mind. I’m 5’11" and roughly 140lb, and I drank about half of the pitcher before work, and plan to knock out the second half afterwards. Yet, still I fear not being able to fall asleep tonight out of hunger. I’m contemplating going for a salad at work, as we get one free meal per shift, just to hold me over, but I really don’t want to throw off the effects I might feel from two weeks of 100% Soylent. I’m already happy with the results, as I seem to have more focus and a clearer head. I just don’t want to, I dunno, over-nutritionalize? Is that a thing?

Anyways, mainly I’m curious to hear about how others on 100% Soylent have been fairing.


I wanted to mention a few things because your new to Soylent. Soylent does not contain 100% of your DRI of sodium so adding some salt is recommended. Depending on your activity level and weight goals you may need more than 1 package of Soylent per day. Its not generally recommended to quit normal food cold turkey because of the 27g of fiber in Soylent. So you may or may not experience some temporary digestive issues. If possible split Soylent up into 3 meals and have one at lunch to tide you over till dinner.


I would think that half a pitcher twice a day, may not be a great way to go. It might work for you - only time will tell I suppose. But the more typical consensus around here seems to be to drink it gradually throughout the day. Or at least the same number of times as you would conventionally have a meal.

Also, I’ve only seen a few people go from zero to 100% Soylent instantly, and not have significant trouble with the transition. There are a few who were able to do it, but it’s a minority. I’d suggest easing into it throughout the week, but of course it’s your call.

Good luck with it!