How are YOU storing your Soylent?


Since my wife and I are both doing Soylent, we have a decent amount on hand when the subscriptions actually arrive.
Since the boxes are a bit cumbersome, I’ve been struggling to find a good way to store the stuff.

Now that we’re mostly Soylent, our fridge is 90% empty. Has anyone given any thought to just keeping unopened bags in a refrigerator? Are there any reasons NOT to do such a thing? Currently, mine lives in several empty cabinets, but that seems sub-optimal. I’d much rather have them all in one place…


Best to keep the unopened bags in any cool dry place. A fridge would be fine, but isn’t really necessary unless you’re planning on storing them for more than a year.


Hm… there’s this time capsule that was apparently inspired by NASA research to test preservation of certain things in space.

Unfortunately it’s very small, but I’m wondering if someone could make their own time capsule the size of, say, a cabinet to store a year or more of Soylent in. So long as the bags are safe from light, heat, water, pressure and air then they ought to last a really, really long time. Easily double what Rosa Labs rates them at.

My fridge has also been fairly empty lately! Oddly enough, I still do that thing we all do where you stare blankly into the fridge, as if something is going to magically appear. I probably waste a lot of energy when I do that.


I just took another look at that site, it appears they sell water pipes and other smoking paraphernalia. That would explain why the time capsule is so small… oops! My bad.

Edit: You could try vacuum storage bags (with a vacuum pump) as well, or a combination of bags and fortified storage containers. Maybe I’m overthinking this!


The only thing I can think of is condensation inside the bags. This may not be an issue. It’s just a thought.


Since your refrigerator is mostly empty, it would be better for your refrigerator to store the Soylent in it. The more thermal mass there is inside of a refrigerator the more stable the inside temperature and the less it is affected when the door is open.


I store my DIY in the fridge in reclaimed 5lb protein tubs. I figure it won’t hurt, and could be beneficial. Plus, at 15 days per tub I can store two months of food on a single shelf.


It’s amazing how little “stuff” you actually need every day.


I just keep them in my closet. It’s cool, dark, and limits airflow.

The fridge should be fine too though.


I wonder if RL has plans to vacuum seal the pouches, or fill them with nitrogen.



That is the official recommendation, so you could easily dump a week’s worth into a large opaque container for convenience, but you can’t really get more space efficient than boxes.


They mentioned that in the recent AMA.

We are looking in to nitrogen flushing the pouches. Either way the 2 year minimum shelf life still applies now.


Thanks for all the replies! Sounds like storing in the fridge is a decent idea after all…


The fridge idea does sound good but Soylent said keep it in a cool place and I’d consider a fridge a cold place. I wonder if we could get some kind of official confirmation that keeping in a cold fridge is indeed okay. Or, for that matter, even the freezer.

I too have read that you save energy if your fridge or freezer has a lot of stuff in it. Unless you’re 100% Soylent, you are opening and closing the doors of your fridge and freezer. If you have a months worth of Soylent sitting in the cupboard anyway, why not just keep it in the fridge or freezer to save energy? Great idea, if that is cold or frozen is indeed a safe way to store Soylent.

ETA: If you do keep them in the fridge or freezer I wonder if it matters if you keep them in the sealed box or just put the pouches in there. I got a months worth of Soylent and opened one box and meanwhile the other three boxes are sealed shut until I need them.


I keep my unopened boxes in the garage, right under the box of used oil and filters. Is that weird?


Should be just fine either way.