How big is the measuring scoop?


(un?)Fortunately, my Soylent will be arriving on Saturday but my starter kit won’t be arriving until Monday. Could someone with their starter kit handy tell me how big the scoop is?


135 ml, a little under 2/3 cups.


The volume is great for measuring the water. Can we get a mass of Soylent that amounts to?


Soylent is a powder, so you need to weigh it if you want a precise measurement. The amount the scoop holds is not consistent.


This thread is 3 years old and out of date. The new scoop is 112 ml. :slight_smile:


The new scoop is 1/3 cup and the pitcher is two quarts - The bag is meant to make 2 quarts/5 meals.
To make a single meal = 1 cup soylent to 2 cups water.


That’s why I asked for a mass instead of a volume :slight_smile:


You asked for the mass of a volume of powder. It’s not consistent. Are you familiar with compacted sugar, or sifted flour? It’s going to be a different value each time. If you want precision you need a scale. If it’s not important to be perfectly accurate, then just eyeball it.


Trust me when I say that I have done extensive math on this subject when I wanted to be sure that I was taking in 400 calories in a meal and the old scoop was 112 mg which times 2 was 500 calories…so here is my findings.

Old Scoop == 112 mg per 250 kcal, which is equal to .46 cups of powder
so 2 scoops was 224 mg, 500 kcal and .92 cups of powder

so in order for me to ensure that I had exactly 400 kcal/serving I needed .736 cups of powder, which was 179.2 mg

Therefore if 2 of the new scoops == 400 kcal they must be 89.6 grams of powder or .368 cups.

I did not get a new scoop however, I just use a 1/4 cup scoop and use 3 of them and that is close enough to .736 for me

Hope this helps, I am totally OCD when it comes to this.

EDIT: It was just brought to my attention by a coworker (who also uses Soylent) that my weight numbers are horribly wrong. It seems I was reading that old metal scooper wrong, it says 112 mL…NOT 112 mg like I had originally thought. The scoop numbers are accurate though, and if you are measuring using a beaker or a graduated cylinder, then the mL numbers are accurate too.


lol, all depends how you ‘pack it’ lol as funny as that sounds…not all scoops are created equal, I’ve always measured out my powders; wheather it be whey protein, baby formula (when the babe wasn’t using the teet lol), rice, etc…by weigh scale…I picked up a digital kitchen scale relatively cheap a couple years back from Walmart for I think 9-12 bucks…anyone serious about tracking food intake should consider it…HarborFriehgt has some that’ll even get down to the tenth of a gram (the stuff behind the 0.1223223) lol…well, to the first decimal place.