How can I make my DIY taste better?


I’m generally happy with HAPPY CHOW but the flavor is very lacking. Anyone have some suggestions for how to make it taste better? I don’t mind if adds simple carbs. I was thinking to try vanilla + cinnamon. I don’t really have any other ideas.


Just noticed this in the Custom Body Fuel FAQ:

Just note that extra virgin olive oil will develop a bitter taste if chopped up in a blender, so only add it after blending if this becomes a problem.

I do indeed use EVOO in a blender. This blows my mind. @axcho, could you explain more about why this happens?


Several people have suggested adding a little cinnamon which I have tried and thought was great.

If you add vanilla a little bit goes a long way.

I have seen several people recommend adding cocoa, but I have not tried it yet.

Also, I recently saw where someone suggested adding a little bit of shredded coconut which sounds good and I defiantly plan to try.


Wow coconut sounds awesome, I’ll have to try that.

Other flavoring ideas I have heard: banana, peanut butter, cayenne

Thinking along the lines of various ice cream flavors, maybe coffee?

My non-soylent cravings generally involve cheese. Anyone have a way to get a cheddar flavor? Ha!


Shelf-Stable Orange Cheddar Cheese Powder- $6.87/lb, or 3lbs/$20.


Thinking along the lines of various ice cream flavors, maybe coffee?

Try to mix freeze dried coffee with cocoa and you will get aт energy mixed with endorphins.


One of my favorite flavors is blending a banana and cinnamon into my Soylent. Tastes amazing!
There’s also a flavoring thread with other suggestions.


Cocoa powder is a pretty powerful flavoring agent. I have a cup of coffee (brewed and chilled with ice cubes, then added as some of my liquid) and 5g of cocoa powder in my DIY and I think it tastes pretty good. 10g of cocoa powder gives it a pretty distinctly chocolate flavor. I started at 20g and back down to get a more neutral flavor profile, but 20g was certainly tasty. However beware that cocoa powder has non-negligible amounts of micro nutrients.


Does anyone have thoughts on how this might taste with a soylent mixture? Has anyone tried something similar? I do love cheese but I have doubts…


I honestly think it would make it taste like Mac-N-Cheese. Several people on here have experimented with a savory Soylent, and have had good results.


I just tried some malted milk powder…Was good!


A lot of good suggestions here!

As far as olive oil turning bitter in a blender, read this:


I think another possibility is that particular type of oil has underlying tones of bitterness from being “virgin”…That sort of thing can make even the best oil cranky.


If you want take a look at crude food 1.0

The recipe includes cocao powder and cinnamon as well as some vanilla and sweetener in the Mega Mens powder. Then blended with some frozen banana and berries which gives a great frozen fruit smoothie taste.


When I was doing DIY, I added both coconut oil and peanut butter. It was delicious.


PB2 - peanut butter powder, it comes regular or with chocolate.

Don’t forget to calculate into your DIY recipe, the nutritional info of whatever it is you’re adding, and make adjustments accordingly.


1 banana. it will smooth it out and mask any bitterness.