How can I see the full nutrient list for any product?


For instance for this it only shows the macros but in this recipe and others they’ve got the pure whey as having copper, phosphorus etc in precise amounts but I can’t seem to find this info myself.

Also does anyone know how to easily know whether a powder is ‘regulated to eat’? Ie some sites seem to be for scientists to use the powder but I don’t understand if it’s a pure nutrient/mineral then how would it not be regulated for eating?

Lastly does anyone know of any danger in terms of reactions of the powders together and water or grinding down tablets/nuts ie would this change any of the nutrients/mineral amounts in the powders/pills?


Your best bet is to look for the typical nutrient breakdown, and assume that your source matches that. I use for the whey concentrate. has good data too.
No matter what you use, some uncertainty is unavoidable. So look for a detailled enough typical nutrient breakdown and call it a day.

If something is sold as a supplement is generally safe to use. If not (like lab-grade chemicals), it’s better to avoid it unless you know how to handle it, especially for trace minerals.


Thanks. That site will be enough nutrient information combined with the regular info on the products site.