How can I turn Soylent into a solid with the least amount of extra ingredients?


I made cookies recently based on @leecauble1’s recipe and they were amazing, and I found it much easier to eat than liquid Soylent. The problem is that all the extra ingredients added over 2000 calories to the daily Soylent batch, so in order to eat them you’d have to split your Soylent intake in half, which would also split the nutrients in half. You could remove 1000 calories by just not adding chocolate chips (easy, they were delicious either way) but that’s still 3000 calories which is way too much for weight loss, which I am trying to achieve.

As someone with absolutely no experience or knowledge in baking, what could I try to turn my Soylent into a solid or semi-solid product? I’m considering making a “sludge” type of mixture by just using a very small amount of water. The idea would be to get an oatmeal-like consistency that you could eat with a spoon. I’ll try this tonight, if it doesn’t work I can always add more water to make it liquid again.

Any other suggestions?


Is cooked Soylent easier to digest? (less gas?)


:smiley: make it ice. perhaps you could even bake it as is? (add a little water to give it cake batter consistency… put into cup cake form and then put in oven until it looks nice

or try makeing pancakes out of it with same principal… I believe you won’t have to add anything unless you want to make it tastier, but I havn’t tried this myself


@Zenman I can’t say, I haven’t really had issues with gas besides the first day or two.

@Tordenskjold I guess I didn’t think about this because I assumed you have to add something to make it bakeable. That’s how completely kitchen-illiterate I am. I kinda thought that just putting it in without the magical baking ingredients would just make it hot… now that I think about it that sounds silly. I’m going to try mixing it to a pancake batter consistency and baking it tonight!


If you want it to rise more, you could add a small amount of a leavening agent like baking soda, but that’s about all you’d need.


Let me know how it goes :smiley: and how it tastes with nothing added. and try it out with a small portion first so you don’t end up ruining an entire batch :slight_smile:


It was suggested to sub applesauce for oil and possibly eggs. I wasn’t looking to consume the cookies as a whole day of good just as a small treat when the urge to chew comes on. Please check back and let us know how your experiment works out. #inthenameofscience


Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that your recipe was intended for a whole day of food. The cookies were delicious and I started wondering if I could just eat cookies for the rest of my life! I am planning to try some different things tonight and this weekend, and I will report my findings.


Yes cookies forever for everyone. Now that is rainbows and unicorns. :raised_hand::heart_eyes_cat:


Wouldn’t most of the things you need in Soylent be evaporated?


Rob said in February that it’s heat stable and you can bake/cook with it, so I don’t think anything important is evaporating. That hasn’t been verified other than Rob’s comment though.


Was this on the main blog? That would be cool, if so.


Don’t forget Soylent Waffles.


Soylent waffles makes me wish I still had a waffle maker…


Soylent waffles makes me want to order a waffle maker on Amazon for $24.99


@livingparadox it wasn’t on the main blog, it was in a video from TWIST (this week in start ups) and I can’t find it right now because I’m at work, but basically it was just a passing comment. He didn’t get into it, he just said it was heat stable.

However, looking at the instagram page that @gilahacker posted, it looks like Soylent said:

yeah, the heat affects the micronutrients and probably breaks down the fiber/starches to a degree. We still recommend normal liquid Soylent for best nutrition, but it’s fun to change it up sometimes

And that was “one month ago” so it might be more accurate. @leecauble1 said they are looking into this though.


I would be hesitant to cook Soylent. I’m not sure if the various components would break down or not, but I’m inclined to think that some would. If you end up breaking down the maltodextrin into simple sugars, for example, you are defeating the purpose of the food.


But I would rather eat cookies all day :slight_smile: