How can people consume masa harina?

Hi everyone,

I’ve read every post I can find on this topic but still can’t understand how people have been able to use masa harina. I have no qualms with the taste, or the sensation of grittiness, but on multiple occasions, after a single drink, I’ve been left with a day-long throat irritation, painful swallowing, and sore throat.

I feel like I’ve tried every single conventional recommendation for reducing irritation:

  • I’m using Maseca brand
  • I’m letting it sit overnight
  • I’m using a blender
  • I’ve used various blends with coconut flour
  • I’ve mixed oil (MCT) in both the night before and right before consumption
  • I’ve tried using warm water for better dissolving

How is it that People Chow and Masa Harina can be so popular in the DIY soylent community when instant sore throat is a side effect? How is it that my experience has been so different from what seems to be the norm, given how relatively few topics there are on it?

Seriously looking for help or advice on how to remedy this situation, I have 6 lbs of masa and I like it conceptually, I just can’t live with this annoyance. Is this an allergy or something that I’m not realizing?

I had the same problem. I assume most people just don’t get the throat irritation? I kind of wondered, but not enough to post a new topic myself. :smile:

Do you like tortillas? Masa isn’t much different than tortillas.

Try switching the masa out for oat flour. I find it is a much better carb source.

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While waiting for Soylent to ship, I was on People Chow variant pretty much 100% and had no issues with masa harina. I assume most people don’t have issues with it since it is so popular.

FWIW, I ended up taking the mix in my fridge, adding an egg and more dry ingredients, and making tortilla-pancakes.

While texturally not the best pancakes I’ve had, at least there’s no throat irritation.

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It’s cheap.

Also, once something gets popular, that’s the first thing people see, so they try it (they have no experience yet with which to judge for themselves). And then it becomes more popular. Even when better recipes come along. :wink:


Shades of Segue Sam!

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Haha, I thought about linking to the more comparably low-priced Bret’s Soylent, but I haven’t tried it myself so I thought I’d just plug my old (now retired) Schmoylent recipe. :wink:

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