How can so much 1.2 be on EBAY already?


I’m surprised to see so much 1.2 on ebay. Didn’t this just come out about a week ago?


My guess is, by this time a lot of people have figured out that their consumption rate is such that a 28-bag subscription is a good 7 bags more than they require each month, so they can easily sell off a week’s worth. Or maybe people have more than one 28-bag subscription set up, one to consume and one to sell… just a theory but it seems reasonable.


Because there’s no limit on how much you can order. Some of those Ebay sellers could be purchasing 6 months of product every month. You can have multiple orders and multiple subscriptions all under the same account.


opportunists are quick to act.


It’s pretty easy to sell it if you work for the company that makes it. Just Saiyan.

You know, charge a premium for those who don’t want to wait. Considering in most of those listings the lot # is visible, as well as their location, it wouldn’t be hard for Rosa to track them and suspend their accounts…

If they wanted to.


Assuming Rosa has the manpower to do so…they’re obviously “in the weeds” trying to fill the backorders. The profiteers may be a concern but Rosa has more pressing issues to deal with.


The company is pretty much limited at this point to those who are deeply invested in the success of the company. This makes it highly unlikely that someone with access to the Soylent is siphoning packages to sell on eBay. We can rule out the company itself being behind it as they both have a vested interest in fulfilling direct orders as soon as possible, wouldn’t want to give eBay a cut of their profits, and running a side operation through eBay is probably inefficient enough to make it no more profitable for the company


Larry the insinuation that someone at Soylent is hoarding and or selling for a higher margin on the side is a not an accurate portrayal of the company. They have not played favorite with any customers. Including me who is the mother of one of the founders. I have waited in line for shipments just like everyone else. So if even a mother can’t get priority shipping it would be hard to make the case that something nefarious is going on. Do I wish the eBay profiteers be shut down? Yes. But I would prefer Rosa Labs concentrate on product development and fulfillment


I’m not saying it’s specifically the company as a whole. But maybe some people involved.

I think the best thing to do would be limit reorders to a month’s supply… Per month. It’s kinda garbage that the people who have already gotten some can just order tons of it to dump off on ebay while those of us who actually want to use the product are stuck waiting for ~6 months.


I addressed that first.

The issues with scalpers is possibly an issue. But I’m confident it’s not an inside job. The people selling on eBay are probably early backers who found a opportunity or customers who tried it and didn’t like it.

Fortunately, once the fulfillment process speeds up, we won’t have that issue anymore. I think the reason they haven’t instituted limits or other anti-scalper methods beyond preventing it in the forums is to avoid catching legitimate customers in the dragnet and have the scalpers simply adjust and create an endless cat and mouse game which ultimately helps nobody. Fixing their fulfillment speed is probably the most effective solution to the problem


Agreed. Kill excess demand with adequate supply, and this problem will absolutely be solved.

There have been a few delays as of late, bit it looks like they are finally getting closer to clearing the backlog. Here’s to the day when a reorder ships within 3 business days!