How can this recipe be considered complete?


I stumbled across this recipe that claims to be 100% complete but that only supplies 1500 calories. For men. This means anyone living on it would slowly starve to death.

Shouldn’t makesoylent take that into account before declaring the recipe complete?


It is complete in regard of the nutritional profile selected. This don’t means that said profile is adequate, and the makesoylent app can’t know if it is.

Apart from that, usualy calories aren’t considered for completeness, it may be a recipe intended for weightloss. But on that case it should mention it, that its a low-calorie recipe.


from the Makesoylent faq:
How is the completion % on the recipes list calculated?
It’s the % of nutrients in the recipe that are at 90% or more of their target


Total amount of calories should be included. After all Soylent is a meal replacement.


Calories will vary by subjects age, weight, goal and so on, but to be fair the same cloud be said of many of the micronutrients as well. The makesoylent app lets you compare the breakdown against several popular RDAs by using a drop down menu under the recipe itself. You just need to figure out which RDA you feel most accurately represents the most complete nutritional profile for your specific demographic…


Soylent is to be consumed by adults and 1500 calories is not enough for a western male.


not every adult is a “western male”. my recipe is 1300 calories. it would be counter productive to alter the completeness percentage by an artificial “standard calories” designation.
perhaps a nice addition to the recipe filters Nick has already made would be Calories Min/Max fields?


No, but Soylent is currently targeting that demographic.


I guess your point is correct if you want to maintain but it looks great for those who want to loose weight. I’m a 208lb male and will consume about 1500 calories of Soylent a day.


The official Soylent has a demographic, but the ones on are designed by individuals and tailored to their needs. There is no need to have the makesoylent app put another standard in place. The recipe clearly states how many calories it contains, all of the nutritional information that is compiled to get the nutritionally complete stamp is with that constraint in mind.

If you look through the recipes you will see that there is a broad range of profiles and demographics which are covered in them, from obese looking to lose weight, to below average weight and height looking to maintain.

You can also easily copy existing recipes and modify them to suit your own needs. Want more calories, bump up the fat or carbs and see how that affects your micro nutrient profile.

Makesoylent is not a one size fits all approach, hence why you can compare your recipe against various RDAs or even make your own.


Yeah, I forgot about this part. You are right.