How close to reccomend do you need?(Manganese especially)


So I played around with the 2500 Calories for $2.50 Soylent and I wanted to know how strict are the recommended and max (like getting 600% on Vitamin B6 and 300% on Vitamin D) its still safe but are those at all a problem still?
The other big problem was the Manganese (mg) 2 12.055 11 603%…when i read up on it it seems 12 is the big breakpoint before you have some minor aftereffects…does it matter that much or is there still room for error?

I cant seem to upload a picture of what I have done so far…


Just post a link to your recipe. no need for a picture.



I had the same problem, and here’s what my research found: The recommended dose for manganese is based on average intake, not an actual upper limit for safety. It’s nearly impossible to get manganese poisoning from dietary sources, to the point that there has never been a reported case. Actual dangerous doses come from ambient exposure, not diet.

So you’re good!