How did you first hear about Soylent

I first heard about soylent when I was looking for new food to have while backpacking.
I am a airlift player and we spends some weekends in the woods this has made my life so much better.

I first read about it on some website when it was still in Beta. Intrigued ever since, but I didn’t take the plunge until 2.0 came out. Currently drinking 12 bottles a week (mostly at work) and very satisfied.

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Glad your so satisfied with Soylent. Best to you.

How did you first learn about Soylent? Share your story here.


I read about it on Ars Technica, but tried it when a friend brought it to a beach party (v1.0). Didn’t buy it for myself until February (v2.0).

My first shipment was 1.0 back when it first shipped. I moved to the DIY version after a while and then at the end of last year I called it quits after a coworker passed away.

I just ordered my first shipment of 2.0 and I’m looking forward to see how the offical Soylent has progressed since the last thing I had was 1.1 or perhaps 1.2?

I’m looking forward to no mixing/clean up/storage… I can’t tell you how many blender bottles I’ve lost to forgetting a bottle of soylent in my bag after work or over the weekend…