How did you first learn about Soylent? Share your story!

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This got me thinking of how and when I first heard about Soylent; it was actually from a pretty negative Facebook post on April 4, 2013 (linking to @rob’s How I Stopped Eating Food blog post):

I can’t imagine doing something like this. Then again, I enjoy pleasurable things.

Of course, I thought it was brilliant. The comments on her post were less than enthusiastic:

Yeah, I don’t understand this at all.

I love how the writer says that eating is mostly a pain in the butt. Excuse me? What sort of boring, disgusting food have you been eating?! Mealtimes are usually some of the biggest highlights of my day.

Yeah, that makes no sense. Does this person have a disorder that affects the sense of taste?

Read this to Steve and it made him hungry for cookies!

I don’t even know how to react to this…this seems like such a bad idea! There is a reason that it is recomended “dietary Sources” are recommended over Supplements…when you start stripping out individual compounds, you change their nature and the ways it which the human is able to process them. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of chemistry and human biology would tell you this is insane. There will be long term consequences and they could be severe. The fact that this guys Dr. seems to be abetting this “diet” makes me sad! envisions self as Dr. House beating this dude with my cane

…what the fuck?

There was one semi-positive comment:

Ok, I just read all his posts and now I admit I’m curious. I know I’m not getting anywhere close to optimal levels of all the nutrients the body needs and I’ve wondered what it would feel like if I did. But this seems like something humans could use minimally as a single supplement to ensure nutritional needs (optimal levels of amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc) are met, while continuing to eat what he calls “traditional” foods. Definitely not 95% of consumption, though, as he’s doing. I agree there could be severe longterm consequences, but I’d be interested in an actual study. And professional opinions…

I have the luxury of being able to look up the post to get the exact date, but I’m wondering if anyone else wants to share their Soylent story.

To flesh mine out, I backed Soylent on 2013-05-21 to receive one month’s supply, and then patiently waited. And waited and waited and waited (there were a multitude of email updates over the months, mostly about production delays). I received my starter kit at the end of April 2014, and then I waited some more! Then I received another email:

Dear Soylent backer,

It’s been about 2 weeks since you received your starter kit, and your Soylent order has not yet shipped. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that scaling up our fulfillment operations has taken longer than expected.

Please accept our sincere apologies, and know that we are doing everything we can to fulfill your orders. As the first group of customers to receive your starter kits, your orders are at the front of the fulfillment queue and will continue to ship over the coming weeks.

A t-shirt is no substitute for your Soylent shipment, but we’d still like to send you one as a token of appreciation for your patience as we get our fulfillment up and running.

And that was how I got my first Soylent T-shirt. :grin:

My first order finally shipped on 2014-8-12 and I received it on 2014-8-19. I mixed up my first pitcher (poorly!), then I whipped out my immersion blender to get everything as smooth as possible, making kind of a mess in the process. Then I had the brilliant idea of taking a drink of warm Soylent while on a Skype call with my friend and his girlfriend (because that’s totally normal). My first thought was that I had wasted $230 on powdered food I couldn’t stand the taste of.

The next morning I discovered that chilled Soylent tastes worlds better than warm Soylent, much to my relief. In the early days there were a lot of shipping errors, so I ordered some more months of Soylent but was actually sent double orders. More than once. After contacting customer service, I was told to keep the free Soylent. Every time. Score! Because of that, and only replacing about 50% of my calories with Soylent (to avoid digestion issues), I never received any 1.1 or 1.2 because I had a huge stockpile of 1.0 in the basement (and judging by the forum I didn’t miss anything good!). I did eventually receive 1.3 (decent! like 1.0 but more easily digestible, IIRC), 1.4 (no more oil bottles!), 1.5 (decent), and 2.0 (the first version I really love!). That’s where I am now. I would prefer to order the powder (more prep/work, but less waste/money) for my at-home calories, but I’m drinking solely 2.0 (and filling in with other foods) while I wait for the powder to be updated.

Any day now, right?

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Cool… Yeah I should amend my story by adding that although I finally ordered in August 2014, like many here, I didn’t receive my Soylent for 6 months (remember those days??)

In that time I became obsessed with the concept and increasingly impatient… I turned to 100% Food and then @axcho’s Shmoylent (which was great btw). By the time my Soylent arrived I was already completely hooked on the concept.

Since then, based on my recommendation, I’ve had 3 friends and coworkers get into Soylent and one who is on Shmoylent.


Mid-2014. I had taken a dose of MDMA (which I repeat every 4-6 months depending on my mood). It will make you put off eating until long after you’ve slept, and I had taken it only a few hours after waking up.

When I smoke or drink, I have no problem continuing to eat. I don’t know of any other drug that makes me feel as satiated for so long. I’ve had times where I don’t eat all day because I’m just feeling down, but that rarely happens. And when it does I’m too depressed to google random thoughts that pop in my head.

But this particular time, my thought had extreme clarity (due to the MDMA and a few other supplements to counteract negative effects). And as the hunger set in along side that, I wondered to myself just how long I could go without eating. Why do humans need to eat anyway? Why can’t we just carry batteries in backpacks and recharge? Why do we need to sleep? Why haven’t we invented a drug to keep us from sleeping. We’re vulnerable (and unproductive) for over a fourth of every day. This seems like a poor evolutionary system.

The easiest answer I found was pertaining to not eating anymore. It wasn’t as radical a “body hack” as I was hoping to find even half-serious suggestions of, but the fact that it was long term shelf stable powder was really cool. I’m not sure when orders started getting fulfilled but it seemed it was still only in the DIY stages at this point. But I remember almost bookmarking this (test-stage) product in my mind, hoping it would actually exist. I’m continuously impressed with how smooth the transition from start up campaign to bone-a-fide wholesale supplier has been. The Soylent team has improvised a level of infrastructure AND developed it in a time frame I don’t often see with other “big ideas”.


I remember it very well. April 2014. Finals approached. I went into study mode: subsistence on ramen, canned tuna, and peanut butter. Morning after my first exam, I already felt dead. I poured boiling water into a can of tuna. Crap. That’s not ramen. And all my forks were dirty. Didn’t want to wash them. Instead, I pulled a pack of SkyFlakes out of a drawer and used them to scoop peanut butter from the jar. I wanted some real food. I wanted steak, and eggs, and stew, and taco salad, and all the yummy food I had time for before exams started. No time to cook, not enough money to eat out…but ramen, tuna, and peanut butter obviously wasn’t doing me much good. There had to be something better. Cheap, nutritious, satisfying. My cat had something like that…

Win > “Chr” > Enter
Chrome pops up.
“kibble for humans” > Enter.

I opened a ridiculous number of tabs to search for the answer. Discovered a vlog documenting some guy’s experience with trying to live off Mazuri primate chow. Didn’t go well. Moving on, found plenty of mentions of Ensure and similar products. That wouldn’t do; hardly any calories, tastes terrible. One website mentioned Soylent Green. Unaware of the joke, I Googled “Soylent” and was amazed. I found it! 2000 calories, 100% RDA of everything, balanced macros, filling, tasteless…Soylent was the “kibble for humans” I wanted! But then something weird happened…

"Startup?? Backers???"
My dream product was not yet available. Worse, even if I wanted to invest in its future I couldn’t, because it didn’t ship to Canada. But it gave me a starting point. I knew how to refine my search after that. I closed all my worthless tabs and started again.

Win > “Chr” > Enter
Chrome pops up.
“complete meal replacement powder” > Enter.

There were a lot of them. Most needed to be mixed with some expensive ingredient, like fruit or milk. Most also weren’t suitable for consumption as a staple food. Many weren’t available in Canada, and the ones that were often had insane markups in Canada due to import costs.

Eventually I found 100%Food, and it changed my life. Ramen and canned tuna became occasional treats I bought when I was craving them. Peanut butter stayed exactly where it was. After that, any time I got busy or just plain lazy, I still had access to a filling meal and proper nutrition, without the pressure of spending too much on food. I never had to starve myself due to lack of time, and I didn’t experience the downward energy spiral that I used to experience during exams. I was taking care of myself.

At some point Soylent started shipping in Canada. I didn’t care at first, until I realized that Soylent had been updating its formula frequently to keep up with consumer input and modern research, in a much more organized and open way than any other meal replacement powder. Switching was a no-brainer.


I first heard about Soylent when a Facebook friend of mine shared Rob’s “How I Stopped Eating Food” blog post back in 2013, or whenever that was. I don’t mind cooking and I very much enjoy eating, so I wasn’t interested in all of Soylent’s purported benefits, but the notion of not needing to eat food still intrigued me. I re-shared it and the reaction from my friends was mostly negative. I felt skeptical myself whether something like Soylent could be a healthy long-term option.

Then I forgot about Soylent for a while, until this past summer when the Slashdot Science & Technology blog posted a story about the upcoming release of Soylent 2.0. I was curious about how the product had developed since I last heard about it, and I wound up learning that many Soylent users reported losing weight with it. I was very interested in this.

I mulled it over for a while and asked friends what they thought. My girlfriend did not like the idea; I think the notion of me trying something so radical for weight loss, when I am just barely overweight, made her worry that I would develop an eating disorder or that Soylent would otherwise be unhealthy for me. But my Facebook friends had nothing negative to say this time, and a friend in SF mentioned that several of his coworkers had been using Soylent and were doing well.

So I decided to give it a try and put in my first order of 1.5. Found it tolerable enough once I got past the headaches. Fell in love with 2.0 when it came out a month later and have stuck with that ever since. I abandoned my initial plan to limit muggle food to only 2-3 meals per week, but even with my diet at about 60-70% Soylent I have found it easier to track and limit my calories overall. I’ve lost somewhere around 12-15 pounds since I started in August. I’m very glad I discovered Soylent!

It also turns out that in between my initial discovery and my getting on 2.0, my older brother independently discovered Soylent and became an early tester of 1.0. Unfortunately, it gave him terrible gas and he gave up on it. I did not learn about this until this summer when I told him I was trying it. No gas issues for me, thank heaven.


I stumbled upon Soylent in the course of doing research online. It interested me in that it was very similar to my predominant form of nutrition for more than fifteen years.

In 2000, I tailored a powerlifting program for myself. Ninety five percent of my nutrition consisted of free-form amino acids (protein), Trader Joe’s carbo powder (no longer available), and oils (fat). I added vitamins and minerals as required to meet the RDA. Add water – instant meal. To this day, a similar formulation comprises the bulk of my sustenance except when I have to nutritionally interface with carbon units who wouldn’t understand.

Tldr: There’s nothing new under the sun.

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I saw a write-up in my Twitter feed about it and HAD to check it out.

Glad I did.

I was trying to figure a way to cut expenses, and so was researching “freezer cooking”. I’m not sure what link brought me to the name Soylent, but in researching it I stumbled upon the crowdfunding page and it peaked my interest. I think Rob’s article was already out by then. I understood enough that Soylent was the exact thing I wanted to help cut costs, so I pre-ordered 1.0 (didn’t know it was going to be called 1.0 until it was announced). Gosh, it was a long wait for 1.0 release. Once it came, my Soylent journey was a little rocky with the iterations, and finally settled on 2.0.

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Soylent was mentioned in an article in the Economist early in 2015. My first order was version 1.4. Now on 2.0.

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Way back in 2013 I had heard of it somewhere, don’t remember where, and had the same thought many here had, ‘this is what I have been waiting for/can’t wait for them to start selling it’. Some months later I decided to check back on it and found the fundraiser, so I bought a ten week supply.

After a shipping delay (or several) I decided to try DIY the beginning of Jan 2014. I’ve since written more recipes than I’d care to count and have been doing my DIY thing for over two years now, and I don’t have any plans to stop. I’m still tweaking recipes, but have been working offshoots from the same basic recipe since about Nov 2014.

I’ve had the original 1.0 and now 2.0, but have never tried anything between. I do have ten bags of 1.4 someone sent me in trade for some 1.0 a while back, but haven’t gotten around to mixing any up. I’m still working my way through the months worth of 2.0 I ordered, I don’t use it often, but I do like it and will have a bottle now and then. It’ll be around for a while yet.

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