How dieting will get personal – and much more effective

Interesting article in The Guardian about a doctor from London who participated in a study that looked at the effects of different foods on her blood sugar level, and at her gut microbiome:

Because we’re all about the gut microbiome here.


Ironically enough there was a Soylent ad featured in that article for me.


Ugh, I should have known this would be about microbiome junk.

Gotta love ubiquitous internet profiling.


Ubiquitous Internet Profiling: charging companies money to show you adverts for things you’ve already bought.


It seems like the research described had two parts. One was measuring blood sugar levels and food intake to see which foods caused a blood sugar spike, and the other was looking at gut bacteria composition before and after changing the diet in response to that.

There were two things I wasn’t clear on:

  1. Was the study actually trying to correlate specific gut bacteria with blood sugar spikes after given foods?

  2. Is it definitely bad if the amount of sugar in your blood goes up after consuming a given food? This is probably just my ignorance about blood sugar, but how/why is it harmful?