How do I cancel my subscription?


I have over two months worth of soylent so currently I have enough and really can’t afford to buy more next month. I’m trying to cancel but when I sign in with the email I used it says it doesn’t exist. I tried to create an account and it says it will send me an email with instructions on setting it up. It didn’t either. Any help would be appreciated.




You should probably post in the thread above. Also tagging @Soylent might help.
or try to email


Great thanks I’ll try that.


From four hours ago, in another thread:


As long as you email them with the same email address you used to order, they’ll respond, and quite quickly these days.

You also have the option of pausing your subscription, to start up again whenever you’ll be ready to start paying and receiving it again, if you have a date in mind. Just email the address.


I logged into Chargebee (which manages Soylent subscriptions) but don’t see any way to cancel the subscription.

What’s up with that?


As it says on the top,

To cancel your subscription, please email