How do I find out when my shipment is coming?


I ordered this back around December and I still haven’t gotten my product. Where do I go to request a refund or find out when my Soylent is coming?


How much did you order? They are now shipping 1 month orders. They started shipping greatest first.


I just ordered 1 months worth.


They are now shipping one month worth. So yours may be on the verge of shipping.


You can request a refund by emailing, but, based on what I’ve heard, you’ll probably end up getting your Soylent before you get a response.


I sincerely hope they can find a way to increase production. If they are going to take as long as they are with their orders, I doubt this will end up being a food replacement like it’s marketed as.


Oh man, I’m hearing you loud and clear! I ordered one month as well, and the wait is excruciating. I know it’s a brand new company. I’m hanging in there. At least I get priority on reorders once I get my Soylent so that I won’t run out. I’ll be glad for the day when all orders have a one or two week shipping time.


ya but the priority reorder assumes that everyone is just waiting patiently to receive their first orders. I only ordered a weeks worth.

I ordered it when i had some extra cash and now that i can’t even get a response from them via email or on the forum giving me any estimate at all on how their shipping is going, it is very unnerving.

all i got is an answer saying, “we are shipping 4 week orders, then 3, 2, and 1”