How do I get rid of Flaxseed?


So I’ve started on my own DIY shake. Day 3 now. So far it’s pretty good am a bit hungry but expected that since I go running a lot. I plan to try and have soylent during the week and then traditional (pig out) food at the weekend.

The only thing that I can see annoying me is the flaxseed meal doesn’t dissolve in the shake properly.

What can I easily substitute for it?


I assume it’s there for Omega 3 fatty acids? Are you open to taking it via pills?


Probably should have put a link to my recipe here

Wouldn’t mind pills, have 2 a day at the moment for vitamins was thinking nuts would replace some oils and also taste great. Does anyone use anything like natural peanut butter or ground almonds in their recipes?


Could you add some soy lecithin powder? It’s an emulsifier, and it’s in official Soylent for the purpose of getting the oil to blend.


I’ve been using “krill oil” pills. If you stick to the smaller 500mg pills, no bad fish taste at all. I’m sure this is not the only thing on the market but it’s what I found at my local pharmacy


I use flax meal in my recipe and yeah it doesn’t dissolve well but I got used to it fairly quickly, it doesn’t bother me at all I actually kind of like it. I use it for the fiber and Omega 3 and I haven’t looked too hard for a replacement since I got to liking it but a combination of fish oil and another more finely ground fiber could replace it.

As far as using peanut butter or ground almonds goes I’ve seen quite a few folks mention that they used almond meal in their recipes with good results (maybe they will speak up and provide more detail) but I haven’t tried that yet myself. What I do use is peanut flour and I really like it. I have come across a few places that sell it (couldn’t find it locally anywhere) what I have been using is this:

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Anyway, I like to use the peanut flour in my recipe, it doesn’t give a very strong flavor but you can definitely taste it. Depends how much you use of course,I use anywhere from 30-50 grams per daily mix. It’s really nice if you also use cocoa powder you get a chocolate peanut butter taste, just don’t use too much cocoa powder or all you taste is chocolate. It is also good for adding protein since it has a 2:4:1 ratio of carbs:protein:fat (if you use 30g you get 8g carbs, 16g protein, and 4g fat).

Luckily I’ve never had any type of nut allergies but I think it seems that we don’t see a lot of recipes with nut ingredients because like the “official Soylent” the most popular recipes try to stay away from anything that is a common allergen.

good luck with your DIY


@quidnyc switched all his recipes to chia seeds.

“Removed flaxseed from the recipe due to concerns about the potential effects of lignans in flax on hormone levels”


If you soak the flax seed meal for a bit, it’ll get more like a gel and less like bits of fiber.



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I’m a little late to this topic, but you could try peanut butter powder like PB2. It has significantly less fat than regular peanut butter, so it may work in your recipe if you haven’t found a good substitute yet.