How do I invest in Soylent?


Is there some way I can buy stock or something? I’m willing to bet the company is going to be extremely profitable in the future.



Not a public company, and if they ever do go public I would expect it to be quite a ways off. Unless you’ve got enough ready cash to invest to impress their VCs, I doubt there’s any chance to actually own a piece of the company.


I hope it doesn’t become “public” in the sense of stock exchange or anything like that… that would turn it into a “for profit cash cow company” and with goals such as trying to save the world, solve world hunger and lowering price on the soylent, that will become less likely in my eyes


Frankly I think it’s more likely they will be bought out at some point. But I have no idea what their current VC deal is like or how it’s structured, so… who knows.