How do I send a private message?


Ok, I give up. I’ve looked everywhere on this site that I can think of and I can not for the life of me find anywhere to initiate the creation of a private message. I want to send @JulioMiles a PM about an email I sent but haven’t received a reply to.


Click on the user, when the profile comes up, scroll down below the user info (join date, etc), you should see a blue box labeled ‘Private Message’.

At least that’s how it displays on my phone.


highfive Thank you!


Wait, where did you find that button?

See my screenshot, there´s no such button. Maybe I’m blind…


Click on the name beneath their avatar.


It might be one of those things that you need to have made a few posts on the forum to be able to access - to raise your “trust level”. I don’t know, though.


Got confused as to who we were talking about. Yes most likely you have to post a bit to earn the right to pm people. This prevents spam. as side note the Mods here are very quick to stop spam in its tracks!

He has 51 posts and 22 likes. I had a private message button available almost immediately. Perhaps it is your browser @evilOlive Which one are you using and have you tried different browsers?


I actually got mine all sorted and was able to find the button and use it. @frhehl was asking about it thereafter… not sure why he doesn’t have a button!

And before I saved, I see you updated. So yeah. :slight_smile:



Hey man, sent my request a week ago, and of course you replied several days ago, but I still don’t have my refund. Can you help by getting this processed right away? I’ve committed the funds elsewhere and now I’m just waiting for them to come back.

Thanks, and sorry to be a pest.


Are you sure you´re in the right thread?


Just checked and it doesn’t look like the refund was successful the first time around, sorry about that! Just confirmed it was processed successfully this time.