How do I start my own Discourse forum?


I want to make my own Discourse for general nutrition and healthy living.
I was originally hoping to find a forum already in existence, but every nutrition forum I could find is filled with unbelievably stupid bullshit like “Vitamin C is full of collagen”.

The Soylent Discourse actually contains one of the most intelligent collections of people on the face of this planet, believe it or not. Either way, I wanted to branch that into its own Discourse for a more in-depth discussion of nutrition and healthy lifestyles that may fall outside of the range of the Soylent forum.

Stuff like CRON, the Okinawa diet, Ketogenic diet, etc. So instead of Meta, Cognition, etc. you would see Soylent, Keto, CRON, etc. as the topics. It would give people somewhere to go to be able to quickly cite information on certain topics and get into more detail than is practical on the Soylent Discourse.

Is this possible? I really love the software and would prefer to use Discourse over other less modern shithead forum ‘architectures’. Thank you.


Or not. (Myself included) :v


The main Discourse site seems to be The software itself is up on Github (as described here. As for establishing your website and building up a consistent user base, that’s going to take some marketing and luck.


Decent communities established here already. Reddit doesn’t suit conversations in quite the same way that this sort of forum does, but voting on answers is a very useful tool nonetheless.


As @austonst said, the software is just a few clicks away. The people are going to be the hard part.