How do I view my subscription/change it


So something that has been a little bit problematic for me is that I have been receiving a month’s worth of Soylent every 2 weeks my first reorder that was fine because having 2 weeks on hand before getting a new one is not a problem but today I finished my first month and received an email that my 3rd order had been charged to my card. Where do I need to go to change this and make sure I only get a shipment every month because I certainly do not 2 months of food sitting around at any given time.


On the page click the “manage” button to oh to your account. You might also email


As an added note to @leecauble1’s comment, if you haven’t made an account on the new site yet, you’ll have to make one with the email you used to sign up for the subscription. It doesn’t automatically make the account for you.


Thank you to both of you.