How do you calculate the calories


Ok, this is the last question I’m posting for now, promise (this is stuff I’ve been thinking on for weeks now, hence the many questions).
Which formula do you use to calculate the calories you get from your Soylent? And do you take into account all the macronutrients or do you assume the proteins and fats are used in anabolic pathways and only the maltodextrin is consumed for energy?


Hmm… counting calories… I usually read the labels all the bulk powders come with and then, based on my serving, add up the calories. Works with carbs too.


I’d use: 9xFat + 4x(Protein + Carbohydrates) + 0xFiber


@Geroellgeraet: That is correct, fat contains 9 calories per gram, protein and carbohydrates 4 calories per gram.

There is actually somewhat of a debate on how much calories fiber contains, soluble fibers contain calories that the body can use but not much. I think it would be safe to neglect those.