How do you change order?


I made a 1 time order back in July and want to turn the order into a subscription but when I email support I only get an automated message. Any ideas?


You can make it a subscription after you receive your first shipment.

You’ll just order a subscription and use the same email. Its supposed to have you in the system and then you will be receiving you next order the following month essentially.


Thanks. I had wanted to avoid the 1 month wait but what the heck. I’ve been waiting 5 months already lol.

Thanks again


Tagging @Soylent, they can change it for you ahead of time.


@kennufs is right, Soylent support can change your subscription manually.
However I don’t see why you cannot order subscription right now and after receiving your initial order (and becoming Priority) to see your subscription in 1-2 weeks. I don’t see where there is 1 month of wait.

However, shifting from order to subscription will save you immediately $15-$45, so it makes sense from monetary point of view :wink:


@gbaz You currently have a one-time order and a subscription order in queue. Because your subscription was ordered with a different email than your initial single order it will not be recognized as priority, i.e. it won’t ship 2 weeks after you receive your first order though it is supposed to. This can quickly/easily be adjusted: if you login to your subscription account and change the email to that of your first order, it will be recognized and you’ll be all set. If you need assistance with this please send a PM.

@kennufs + @SergiiMiami, definitely appreciate you guys stepping in to help. Here’s an info update in regards to order alterations: Though we can change subscription amounts at anytime, we can’t change orders from one-time to subscription (and vice versa) because of software constraints; we use different platforms for subs and one-time orders. Thanks!


Thanks! I’ll give it a shot