How do you feel on 2.0?

I’m curious to hear about how regular 2.0 drinkers feel. Do you notice any positive or negative mental changes? More alert? More foggy? How do you feel physically? Emotionally?

Hungry, because I’m cutting something in the ballpark of 1000 calories/day. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a bad example. Also, there is no way you can trust what anyone says about positive mental changes because of the placebo effect and confirmation bias.


I feel normal, except for a occasional cravings for real food, especially if I see it in commercials/imgur/tv-shows.
Gonna experiment to see if I can get some real food flavors into my Soylent 1.5 powders soon.


Too much energy. To the point I’m having trouble sleeping.

It’s pretty wild. I have to dose myself and smoke an entire deep bowl just to knock out


My educated guess: Could be because of the choline (if its the same amount as in 1.5).

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If I get more salt during the day (I’ll drink sea salt in water and a V8 to up my salt intake) then I feel pretty darn good on Soylent 2.0


Same here.


It depends on the strain. I smoke Indica which is relaxing/body high/puts me to sleep. Sativa is more of the stimulant. Hybrids I dont really mess with.

I drank about 30 bottles of 2.0 over the course of two weeks or so, I was averaging two bottles a day, occasionally three bottles. I felt a little speedy at times too, especially after caffeine. Maybe it was making me more sensitive to the caffeine? My dreams felt more intense, with more complicated plot lines. I decided to take a break from it. This could all be placebo since I’ve been so focussed on Soylent for so long. I didn’t notice these changes when I was drinking one or two Ensure Plus a day. Ultimately I wasn’t feeling as relaxed as normal on 2.0. I’m sure I’ll revisit it though for more testing, I have 60 bottles on order…

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Maybe you werent getting deeper sleep as before. Damn you…choline?

Could be. I’m guessing it was either the choline or the potassium. Most people would like these effects, but remember, I’m going for a calm zen vibe. Like I said, this could also all be in my head due to the placebo effect.

I am afraid i dont think so because:

Could be the potassium too. Another guess ‘plastic’. I said a few days back that drinking from dented plastic water bottles made me restless. So maybe just maybe the chemicals from plastic are leaking into soylent? Note that, I am just guessing here i am not 100% sure…RL should test this out if the tech is there to do this.

Did you feel the same on earlier versions?

I noticed some altered dreaming on earlier versions, mainly if drinking it close to bedtime. Same with 2.0. I’ve had some relationship “stuff” going on in the past month so I’m not ruling out that having something to do with this. But hearing the other forum member mentioning it made them feel speedy kind of rang a bell for me. I don’t want to cause any FUD though. 2.0 is likely totally fine.

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Good! The convenience of pre-made single servings is a huge benefit. That greatly exceeded my expectations.

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Little bit late to this thread, but wanted to chip in my experiences.

I pre-ordered and got some a few weeks ago. I was drinking 2.0 only some days (3 or 4 bottles based on activity and weight loss deficit of 500 kCal/day), and I think my lowest consumption was two bottles + eating out with coworkers, but may have been one bottle. Then I went on vacation out of state for just over a week, with no soylent.

While on Soylent 2.0 I was getting headaches ranging from dull background to full on migraine that sent me home from work two days before my vacation. While on vacation, I didn’t get these headaches. This could be due to environmental factors, however. I might be allergic to soy, and never taken it in large enough quantities to notice. I didn’t notice these headaches on 1.1, which is why I’m leaning towards the soy allergy.

Similar to other users, I have “cravings”. It’s not that I actually crave something. It’s that anytime I see an ad, or someone asks if I want to go out for something, it sounds delicious. Hunger tends to pounce, though. By the time I notice I’m hungry, I better have another one handy or the hunger pains get bad. That said, it only takes a few sips to quiet them down, and then I take about an hour to drink a bottle.

I love the bottles. I think it’s weird they don’t sell them in multiples of 5, since 5 bottles = 2000 kCal. The convenience of being able to easily grab a meal or three to take to work is the reason I came back after stopping my subscription to 1.X, and why I’ve been able to stick to it much better.

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I have been on ~75% Soylent since v1.3. Each new version initially tastes odd to me. Within a few days I adjust and come to like it.

On each “upgrade” I’ve kept a little of the prior version around so I can switch back and compare the old to the new.

v2.0 was the biggest change I had experienced, as it has the thinnest consistency of any of the version so far. I wondered whether or not I was getting enough nutrition, but about half an hour after drinking it I would feel satiated until the next meal. Soon, I fully adjusted, and came to prefer the lighter feeling of v2.0.

I recently ran out of v2.0 when they stopped shipping it for a few weeks. I went back to v1.5 and found it difficult at first. It felt heavy and tasted a bit gritty. My 2.0 is arriving Monday and I can hardly wait.


Really liked 1.4. Struggled on 1.5

2.0 is just about perfect for me.

One of the biggest things I notice is how smooth the energy release feels. It’s not a rush, it ramps up slowly and keeps me satisfied right up until the next serving.

I’m currently consuming 1600 kCal per day. And I don’t have cravings or hunger.