How do you get all the ingredients?


I think this website is really great:

If you want to make soylent the way Rob did it. But I can’t find something like this in the netherlands.

It’s quite an investment to do it this way, but I don’t really like the idea of just taking a multi vitamin and adding things to that. I would like to customize it as much as I want it. Taking 50 mg of B vitamins every day doesn’t seem optimal to me.


For The Netherlands you can actually get a lot at . Please search the forums a little bit, your questions have been asked quite a lot.


Your link doesn’t lead anywhere. Proper forum etiquette also includes verifying your links :wink:


I agree, I’m not a fan anymore of the multivitamin route. as simplified as it may be, yeah having something double the RDA is not ideal…

iv been using true nutrition and purebulk.

true nutrition allows me to make custom protein blends, witch is nice.