How do you keep Soylent without refrigerating it?

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I am just starting out on Soylent and could use some advice. I drive for work and don’t have a means to keep it from spoiling. I was wonder what people do who can’t refrigerate. I know that 2.0 doesn’t need to be refrigerated, but I was hoping to primarily use the power. I am cheap and don’t want to lug around all those bottles.

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Don’t mix it until your ready to drink it.

Take a bag of soylent and a jar to work. Pick a size that works for you.

When lunch comes around, pour some powder and some water into it, shake, and drink (blender ball helps with clumps, but isn’t necessary)… Take the jar home to wash at the end of the day, or wash it at work. Once mixed, it will last a few hours at room temperature.


I bought an RTIC double walled bottle. I drop in a few cubes of ice, and keeps ice cold all day with no need to refrigerate.


Or, the freezable lunch bag, stuff it full of shaker bottles.

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I actually avoid refrigeration because I don’t like cold drinks so this is what I use:

Each side is 350ml. If you fill them both to about 330ml it will be 1/3rd of a powder bag. I can’t tell you the exact quantity of powder because I just eyeball it.

I like this bottle for two reasons:

  1. No noise from the blender ball. The red top pieces you see in the photos don’t rattle around inside the bottle.
  2. I can make 2 servings before I have to clean the thing

If you work in an office or somewhere without a kitchenette you can fill a tiny bottle with dish soap and viola.

If that doesn’t grease your wheels, I would just go for a liter (or larger) Thermos. Any brand, any price will keep beverages cool for 15+ hours.

I bring my powder to work, pre-measured in a ziplock baggie…and then dump it into a shaker bottle…just add filtered water and shake…good to go :wink: Reason I don’t add it direct to the shaker, is sometimes moisture is present in the shaker…and I don’t want the damp Soylent…growing “stuff” between morning and “lunch” lol

I’ve optimized my powdering on the go, so that you retain space/weight efficiency with the added benefit of portability. Toss both the pitcher and scoop. Use a wide mouth shakeable bottle (I use a Nalgene), a portable scale, and a measuring spoon that will fit inside the mouth of the container (I use a narrow cooking tablespoon). For one 400 Calorie serving pour 320 mL of water into the bottle, place on scale, zero scale, add 87g of powder, shake, consume, rinse, done. No extra containers needed with the built in seal on the bags, no mess, and no refrigeration. Also, it’s more precise than the scoop. Weight/mass always is compared to volume when it comes to measuring powder.