How do you make your Soylent?



A friend and I are both are consuming Soylent, and we were surprised to find that we both have entirely different ways of going about it. After we compared our “ways”, we found that each of us had really good ideas.

Anyhow, I figured I would start a thread about it, and maybe it will help each other in some fashion. So here is what I do, and why:


  • I drink Soylent every day for breakfast and dinner, 1/4 of a pouch for each
  • I drink a single Jevity 1.5 from a metal can for lunch every day
  • I eat a single CVS Spectravite Advanced Formula multvitamin every day with my Soylent breakfast

Every other day, in the evening, I need to prepare a new Soylent:

  • I open a pouch and fill it 3/4 full with cold tap water
  • before I zip it up, I squish out all the air from the top, and then zip it up (this greatly reduces how often it “bursts” on me while I shake it)
  • I use one hand to hold the zipper shut, and put the other hand on the other side of the pouch, and shake the crap out of it for 10-15 seconds
  • I “mush” the balls that float to the top by squeezing them through the packaging, just genty slide the pouch back and forth with the fingers.
  • I again hold the zipper shut with 1 hand, put the other on the bottom, and shake for 5-10 seconds
  • I open the pouch and pour all the contents into one of two carafes I bought just for Soylent
  • I open a bottle of the oil and pour it into the carafe
  • I put about 1/2 a cup of cold tap water into the pouch and shake it up for another 15 seconds or so, and then pour all the residual contents of the pouch into the carafe.
  • I fill the carafe right to the rim with more cold tap water
  • I then screw on the carafe top
  • I put my hand on the top of the carafe to hold down the pop-open lid, one hand on the bottom of the carafe, turn it upside down, and shake it vigorously for about 15 seconds
  • I open the fridge, and in the inside door, I place the carafe UPSIDE DOWN, at an angle to keep it leaning into the corner against the inside wall of the fridge and a side compartment… slanted so it doesn’t fall over. I do this because the top of the carafe is narrow and all the “stuff” floats and seperates in the narrow area so it doesn’t mix well. By putting it upside down, the seperation is less dramatic and later on, when I shake it up, it is FAR easier. There are far less chunks, and the oil band is thin.
  • I close the door, and before going to bed that night, I pull the carafe out of the fridge, put one hand on the top of the carafe to hold the lid on, and one on the bottom, and shake it up for 10-15 seconds
  • I put the carafe back in the fridge, again upside down, slanted so it doesn’t roll over or topple
  • The next morning, I open the fridge, shake it up a bit, and pour 14 ounces into a coffe mug (that is how much the mug holds, so I don’t need to measure it)
  • I rinse the mug with hot water and leave it to dry
  • I put a multivitamin into my mouth, and while drinking the Soylent, i swallow the pill.
  • I put the Soylent back in the fridge, now right side up (the Soylent level is much lower now, so it isn’t in the thin neck of the carafe)
  • For dinner, I take the Soylent out, give it a quick shake, pour 14 more ounces in the mug, rinse the mug with hot water and leave it to dry, put the Soylent back in the fridge right side up.
  • For the next breakfast, I repeat the previous breakfast activity
  • For the next dinner, I repeat the previous dinner activity
  • I rinse the carafe lid and carafe with hot water, using a jar cleaner to make sure nothing is left in the carafe, then set it to dry
  • I then start the whole process over again, using the 2nd (already dry) carafe. I do this because shaking a wet carafe has resulted in me accidentily chucking it across the kitchen a few times by slipping out of my hands as I shook it

Gear I use:

Cleaner (one)

Carafe (two - 56 ounce versions)

Jevity for all lunches:

Calories for the day:

  • 1000 from Soylent
  • 355 from Jevity

I’ve been doing this for months… take just a few minutes every other day to prepare my food, and my “meals” take about 20 seconds of time.




Er, why both? Taking both has the possibility of overdosing on vitamins…


That is way too complicated.

I separate each bag into thirds by weight into blender bottles. I separate 8 bottles worth at a time (as I only own 8 blender bottles) and set them aside until a few hours prior to the time I anticipate drinking, at which point I add 12 ounces of water to the bottle, shake until thoroughly mixed, then refrigerate for at least one hour, add oil, wait 5-10 minutes, then down.

I also separate the oil into thirds by weight into empty oil bottles that I’ve numbered to corespond with the blender blottle numbers to insure I don’t forget to add the oil or accidently add too much. Both disgusting mishaps.

I tend to drink 2 servings of soyylent per day and usually don’t eat anything of note the rest of the day.


I just lick my finger and stick it in the bag, then lick it off. Repeat.

Sometimes I use a blender.


Sounds really complicated. I make a 2L pitcher at a time:

  • Add a little water to pitcher.
  • Dump in pouch.
  • Add water until mostly full.
  • Close and shake like hell for 15 seconds.
  • Top off with water.
  • Put in fridge overnight.

In the morning, just pour in the oil, shake again, and start eating. It usually takes me 2 days to finish a pitcher, just like you. Even when it takes me 3 days, the soylent is still fine to eat on the 3rd day.


I think I have the simplest so far. Each evening I pour a pouch of Soylent into a blender, add some liquid sweetener, pour in the oil, add two handfuls of ice cubes, water, and put the blender on crush for 30 seconds. I then fill it up the rest of the way with water and blend for 10 seconds. I pour a glass and put the blender in the fridge. The next morning I blend for 10 seconds and pour another glass and put it back in the fridge. At lunch I blend for another 10 seconds pour the last glass. I rinse out the blender and it is ready for a repeat performance.


i use the takeya pitcher that came with my starter pack and 3 of these thermoses
i dump the full pouch in the takeya pitcher, add water to top, shake, add oil and more water to fill again, shake, let sit overnight, fill 3 thermoses in the morning, the thermoses stay cold enough to make it through the day, you can add ice before leaving home just to make sure also, i actually have 3 takeya pitchers and 6 thermoses just to make sure if i had a long day and dont feel like doing dishes or making another days worth i have clean dishes and a days worth already made from when i had free time the day before


I basically just go by the instructions that come with the order. The oil tends to separate but that’s ok since it only takes a couple of shakes to get it mixed in again. I use the pitcher they give but then I put 18 ounces of it in a Blender bottle and sip it or gulp it (not such a good idea to gulp it) for a little while. I may get a few Hydroflask and put a couple or 3 days worth in multiple bottles.

It says that it remains fresh for two days but it seems like it would last longer. It’s like buying eggs. The stamp on the carton isn’t always accurate. Sometimes eggs can last weeks longer past the expiration date. is a good website and it would be kind of neat if Rosa Labs added in Soylent somehow.


mine starts tasting pretty bad on the 3rd day, wonder if that has something to do with the bad gas too heh, soylent not being cold enough when drank


I just dump half a bag and half a bottle of oil in the soylent pitcher fill with water and throw in fridge, lasts me all day. The stuff is discus tingly thick if I use a whole pouch with that small 2L pitcher. It goes bad starting the 3rd day and is rancid on the 4th.


I dump a whole bag of Soylent into my VItamix blender and add water. I blend for 10 seconds then stick it in the fridge overnight.

In the morning I add 1/4 teaspoon of salt and the oil and blend again, then pour it out into 4 Contigo autoseal travel mugs. They keep the Soylent cold, and I shake just before drinking. I love that it’s so easy!


Dump the whole bag into Takeya pitcher. Fill about 2/3 with water and shake the hell out of it for ~ 10 seconds. Add oil, fill the rest of the pitcher and shake again. It’ll settle a bit after an hour or two, so shake again as needed before drinking.

I’ll leave it in the fridge with a big ass straw and just drink it straight from the pitcher throughout the day.

  • I take the lid and rim off the Takeya 2-liter pitcher (actually it’s already disassembled because I just washed it, letting it soak in hot soapy water in the sink for a few minutes).
  • Pour 2 or 3 inches of filtered water into pitcher.
  • Put the mouth of the Soylent pouch INSIDE the pitcher and dump the powder in.
  • Add more water, so it’s about half full.
  • I screw on the rim, then the lid
  • Shake the contents vigorously for about 20 seconds.
  • Take the lid off, pour in the contents of the oil bottle, and fill the rest of the pitcher with water to within about and inch of the top.
  • Shake again for another 10 or 15 seconds.
  • Then I put it in the freezer, taking it out once after about an hour to shake it briefly again, and put it back in the freezer for another hour.
  • After that I can drink a 10 ounce glass of it and store the rest in the fridge, drinking another glass every 2 or 3 hours.


Fill my Frigoverre pitcher about half full of tap water.
Snap the top corners of the Soylent pouch a few times, open it, put mouth of pouch into mouth of pitcher, empty pouch into pitcher.
Add more water (with sink sprayer) until pitcher’s about 3/4 full. Take flat whisk and whisk until clots are mostly gone. Top off pitcher, seal, shake, put in fridge overnight.
Take pitcher out in the morning, add oil, top off with water, shake, serve when ready.

Since I still have 1.1, I also add half a teaspoon of xanthan gum to the pouch (stirring it in) before I dump the pouch in the pitcher; and I add three drops of sucralose to the whole mix.


I did the 2 liter pitcher for a while, but went back to what I started at. Blender bottles. Simple, no seals to mess with, convenience to grab a bottle and go, I can make as many bottles as I want at a time and not worry about needing to make too much that will go bad depending on plans.

My process is simple. Dump powdered food stuff in clean blender bottle. Ok, that’s the most complicated part. I use a scale, and a 1/4" RSVP scoop. The scoop absolutely kicks the ass of the one that came free in the starter kit. Rounded so it fits easier in the bag and gets the corners much nicer. I don’t really use it as a measure of volume, but rather just scoop out Soylent into the blender bottle until the weight on the scale is what I want it to be. So I’m dishing it out by volume, the scoop is just a handy way to scoop.

Then I add water and give it a good shake. I do use the blender balls that came with the bottles, so those are in there too. I don’t think they’re necessary really.

The next morning I’ll stick the bottles on a scale again and pour in oil based on weight.

Then, when I’m heading out the door to work I grab a blender bottle for lunch. I clean them after using them - so breakfast’s bottle is cleaned after breakfast. Lunch after lunch. Dinner after dinner.

It works out very well for me. The worst part is divvying out a bag of Soylent into the blender bottles. A scale and that scoop make it a piece of cake.


I put a cup or so of tap water in the Starter Pack pitcher, dump in an entire envelope of Soylent, and fill the pitcher with water within an inch or so of the top. I use a stick blender for about 15-30 seconds (carefully, it can make a mess) pulsing at first to get it going and then once it’s blended I go to full power for a few more seconds till all the clumps get blended. There is usually a thunk that indicates a big wad has pulled away from the bottom and has gotten chopped up. I then dump in a bottle of oil and reblend for a few more seconds. I always let it sit in the refrig overnight, and that does seem to help the consistency and reduce gas, although that has not been a problem in a while.

I usually drink some at work too, and use a shaker bottle and the scoop provided for that. 16 oz water and 2 scoops, shake like hell.

I drink a 16 oz glass in the morning and 12 oz for lunch. Mine typically is ok for about 3-4 days. 1-2 days is optimal.



Anyone tried snorting it?


i go through about a bag every two days, use it for breakfast and lunch at work. ~26 oz/day.

i bought a blendtec with the “batter” setting (pre set 25 (?) second blend cycle: high speed for a few seconds, slower speed, then high speed for the remainder) so i could blend it all in one shot.
it was a hassle breaking up the bag with the smaller glass jar blender i had. i always made a huge mess after the three blends required to mix the entire bag.

° fill blendtec pitcher up to 1/4 inch below the little edge that comes out of the side of the pitcher with warm water.
° dump in oil
° dump in soylent bag
° add three heaping teaspoons of peanut butter (natural skippy creamy or recently Bell Plantation PB2 powdered peanut butter [] )
° maybe add natural cocoa powder
° blend on “batter” setting
° pour into 64oz container
° if a bit below the line, add water to blendtec pitcher and dump into 64oz container
° chill overnight
° next day shake well and pour into a double insulated hydro flask so it stays cold. (turns out i prefer to drink it cold)

peanut butter has been the best solution i’ve found to cut the overwhelming oat taste.