How do you measure your Soylent 1.5?

I’ve been using Soylent 100% for two weeks. I noticed almost immediately that the scoop provided is pretty inaccurate as far as indicating portions - - for instance I was getting 6 scoops instead of 8 per 2000 calorie bag. I finally bought a gram scale. I was very careful with the scoop made of stainless steel but I think the powder compresses. Anyone else have this issue?

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The only way you’d get consistent volume measures would be possibly by sifting your Soylent (I say possibly because I don’t know how well it sifts, but it sounds feasible).

I already owned a (tenth?) gram scale, so I use that to measure out single portions, which I’ve only done, like, twice: I normally make a pitcher at a time and consume over 2-3 days. If you’re consistent with how much water you add, it’s easy to measure out 500 calorie (or whatever) servings from the pitcher.

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I just do 1 bag at a time, liberal shaking, and pour as needed.

Easier then futzing with the measurements IMO.


Buy a kitchen scale and weigh out 115g per serving.

I found that using the scoop resulted in about 20% more Soylent powder per serving. It all depends on how the powder is packed into the scoop.

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I usually do a bag at a time. When I know I only need a meal or two and won’t consume the rest before it goes bad, then I just dump it into a large cup and pour what looks like the right amount back into the bag.

Getting things down to the gram isn’t needed. As long as you make four meals from the bag, if one meal is 600cal and the next is 400cal, it’ll have the same end result as two 500cal meals.

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Thanks for the input guys! :grin:

For anyone doing 100% (or nearly) Soylent, individual measuring is not worth it. I have 3 containers, 2 16 oz, and a 1 liter that I separate my full bag prepared Soylent into in the morning. I drink one 16 oz for breakfast, half the liter at noon and the other half around 3. I then drink the last 16 oz container for supper. If one container or the other has more or less than 500 exact calories it doesn’t matter to the day overall. Even if I am not having Soylent for lunch or supper, preparing it all at once in the 2 liter pitcher does a good job of distributing the powder into more properly measured portions.

I would also suggest that people that are doing 50% or more make their Soylent in this manner too rather than trying to measure out. Soylent will stay good for a day or two just fine.

Edit: Let me be clear, Prepared Soylent will stay good for a day or two if refrigerated.