How do you mix the ingredients?


Call me stupid, but I’m blown away by how little help there is for actually MAKING the freaking Soylent.
There’s a list of crap, I have it all, now what the hell do I do with it?

The only help I’ve found is a 27 minute low-quality video of some guy in a kitchen. Do I put all of the ingredients in a blender and go ham? do I mix it in a bowl or something? What am I supposed to do, because quite frankly “add ingredient A-Z” is not helpful AT ALL.

Thanks for putting up with my pissy mood, but I’m dumbfounded on the lack of information of making soylent (unless you count hundreds upon hundreds of pretentious hipsters arguing the different between fishoil and canola oil, or some other crap).


I put all the dry ingredients into a jug and use a hand held blender to mix them. I then divide the dry stuff into 3 blender bottles (each one serves as a meal), then add the oil, some water and shake away. I usually put them in the fridge overnight, as many have stated most mixes seems to taste better chilled.


Tell me please, Captain – because I’m quite curious as to why someone would come onto a forum where they are a total stranger and newcomer, ask for help, and back their request with an aggressive, dismissive, belittling characterisation of the forum participants as “hundreds of pretentious hipsters” arguing about “some crap” – is that your usual style of approach when you enter a new social milieu? and if so, did you never have a mother, a father, teachers or friends who would teach you better manners and basic human courtesy?


this is how I do it: I put all non-oily macros, add water, blend, add non-oily micros, blend, add lecithin and all oily things, blend. Thats it.

tldr: just throw everything in, add water, blend.


I would think if you don’t understand the value in getting the right components in something that is going to replace a substantial amount of your meals, and can’t figure out a way to mix it, something like this might not be the right thing for you. But I will briefly prepare a guide more suited to your requirements…

1)Grab some oil (doesn’t matter which), some sugar, some fiber, some protein powder, some random vitamins and minerals from the supermarket and some salt. Buy a shaker bottle, this will be useful in the most important steps (mixing) later.
2)take the ingredients you just bought out of your bag using your hands
3)Again using hands (don’t try without hands, it wont work) put random amounts of the stuff you bought (except for vits) into the shaker
4)Start shaking
5)Realise you forgot to put water into the mix, put some water in and shake.
6)Realise you forgot to put the lid on the shaker. Put some more random stuff in the mixer, close lid.
7)Shake for a while. (you will need to use your mind to control your arm).
8)Eat some of the vitamins and minerals,OPEN THE LID, then drink.
9)Come back to the soylent forums to complain about the mess in your kitchen from step 5.

Hope this helps!


Someone needs to level up their diplomacy skill.


just poor charisma modifier, i guess


Depends a bit on your recipe, too, I suppose. I am using two stainless steel mixing bowls, a coffee grinder, a scale and a blender. As I am grinding rolled oats and flaxseed and dehydrated Kale, I start with those three ingredients into a stainless steel bowl. I add warm water to them to a wet oatmeal consistency so that enzymes can reduce the phytic acid a bit while I am measuring other ingredients. I then measure the protein powder and add it to the porridge. I then use a pyrex measuring cup and measure in the olive oil, add the molasses, and add the brown rice syrup. I put the porridge in the blender, top up with water to about 2/3 full, add the oil/sugar mix (which comes out of pyrex nicely because oil went in first), and turn on the blender, started slow, and then increasing speed. I then add 1/2 tsp Potassium Chloride, 1/2 tsp Iodized Table Salt, and 1/2 tsp MSM powder.

When I use the mixture I dilute it 50% with low calorie almond milk or water, for a total of about 1 gallon. Delicious!