How do you prepare your soylent? What tools do you use?


I’m going to be buying my ingredients in the next week and would love to hear how others prepare and store their soylent, both just ingredients and once it’s mixed. What kinds of mixer do you use? What tools do you use to measure both dry and liquid ingredients? Do you have a specific process? Do you mix it daily or do more than a days worth? Have you run into any specific issues?



I found measuring all stuff daily took aaaaages. I make at least a week at once, keeping dry and wet ingredients separate. Both stay in the fridge. Each day I just measure out a day portion and blend with water. I found the trick here is to start with roughly the right amount of water plus other liquids, then slowly add the solids. If possible, keep the blender running while you slowly add solids, the results are much better. Once complete, I fill two 1L shake bottles and a glass - usually a pint or so. These go in the fridge, I have the glass for breakfast and take a shake bottle to work, then then other shake bottle when I get home.

I tried mixing from scratch in a shaker bottle and at least for my recipe, it was nowhere near smooth, it was clearly just a few things shaken together. The only minor niggle I have with my technique is that since it is so thick, lots gets lost on the walls of the blender and the bottles. Obviously it’s not that much really, but a measurable amount which would add up over time. I haven’t found any good way to deal with this except rinse with water and drink that water. My shake bottles aren’t so bad as the blender since they seem to have a lipophobic and hydrophobic treatment on their inner surfaces. I would highly recommend these bottles - in the UK at least they are sold fairly cheaply with branding.

I use this scale and this microscale and am very satisfied with both.


Digital scale and blender. I add all the dry to the blender pitcher and then measure my oil and fill with water to the 2L mark. Blend 30 seconds and chill. Its easy and no fuss.

I am going to start pre measuring my dry and wet for the week, but right now Im just doing it daily. It takes less than 5 minutes.


It took too long to mix dry ingredients day by day and a regular blender would’nt mix large portions throughly so I purchased a Ninja blender with single serve. Now I mix 3 days worth at a time, measure single portions and store them in zip lock bags.
The ninja blender comes with a single serve mixing cup which is great and also has 3 mixing blades for large jobs. I simply put the cup on a scale which tells me how much liquid I’m putting in in ML and add appropriate amount of oil, then fill the rest with Soylent mix, water and blend it up in the single cup serving.
I drink the morning serving right away and blend the lunch portion and put it in a shaker bottle.

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I have ten equal sized tupperwares that can hold all my powders, I have a blender and a digital scale.

I weigh out and measure all the powders (protein / carbs / sulfur / salts) and put them in the tubs, I have a little dispoable plastic cup for the malto and oat powder, all the salts can fit on my digital food scale.

At this point I only have to add my lipids (fats and oils) and whatever vitamins (including the fish oil capsule) , my vitamin k is a tablet , the chromium, selenium and copper are all little capsules, I open them and poor them in the day of.

So I get my premixed powder out, make a little divot with the bottom of a pill bottle and add the oil and magneisum chloride (mine is liquid right now) , I add the contents of the selenium / copper and chromium pills. Now all I have seperate is my vitamin k tablet and fish oil capsule.

I add water to a blender and blenderize it all, then I poor 2/3 of the mix back into the tupperware, I add more water to the remaining 1/3 in the blender, blenderize it further and poor that in a big cup, thats breakfast. I drink that and have my vitamin K and fish oil capsule for breakfast.

The other two meals are now stored in my fridge in the tupperware, i pour half out for lunch, add more water and blenderize, repeat for dinner.

If I’m taking it on the go I just blenderize to a palatable consistency and put it in a bottle.

If I don’t mix the powders beforehand this entire process still takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish, you kind of get good after 10 or so tries at pouring out proper amounts.


If I make burning man this year i’ll give it a try


It’s a real shame that the company that sells those smartshake container doesn’t deliver to the US. They seem to be the ONLY company carrying the liter ones. They seem perfect though! Hopefully I’ll be able to find something comparable.

How much water do you add total?

Why do you use two scales? What’s the function of each?

So, use a blender, more than one day at a time. Got it. I’m considering doing a weeks worth, but in separate containers so I just have to grab one of each for the day rather than measuring it out of the larger batch.


Is 2L of water the standard for adding liquid to powder soylent, or just the amount you decided on?


Holy expensive blender! It’s super fancy. And if the single serve cup is working for you, I may just be able to use the single serving blender that I have right now. That’s a pretty shiny scale though! It works well?


I use about 2-3L, I only judge it by texture really. That and if I make too little, I drink it too fast and run out.

One scale is precise to one gram, and measures up to 5kg. The other is precise to 0.002g and measures up to 20g. One for macros and one for micros… this was more important when making one day at a time, now I do a weeks worth I pretty much just use the big scale as 7 days worth is enough that 1g accuracy is sufficient.

Regarding the 1L blender bottles - smartshake themselves aren’t the sole distributors of their bottles. You can get them much cheaper from other places, like the myprotein link I put in my first post. You may well find somewhre in USA selling them with their own logo on the side.

@alfredbester I’d love to try a camelback, but my current mix is way too thick to get through the pipes. It also goes off very quickly when not chilled, I think a camelback would go from zero to disgusting before I’d even finished one days worth.


Have you seen this link? It’s on SmartShake’s Where to Buy page.


It works very well, The 6 blades are great for mixing up large batches. The single serving cup is fantastic for single servings and is very easy to clean, just rinse. That way you dont have to wash the large bowl everytime you mix a single serving.

I like the scale because it measures different units like grams, militers and it seems pretty accurate. Plus because the entire surface measures weight I can put any type of container on top of it.


I put my ingredients in the blender first and then top up to 2L. Its arbitrary, I’ve read people doing 3L, 3QT, 2.5L. I chose 2 because it was the maximum capacity for my blender and still keeps me feeling full. :slight_smile:


What about a camelback at home with a liquid cooling setup to keep it chilled? You could be like a big hamster with a water bottle xD