How do you scale your micronutrients?


After going hungry for a while I noticed the 2000 calories recommendation is not for me (I’m 200lbs, 6ft2 and active), according to some internet page I need around 3800 calories and I wonder if I simply scale up fat, protein and carbs or scale up everything, basically drinking more of my diy soylent instead of changing the ratios … any input?



Try using this:

Also slowly increase your caloric intake while on Soylent. On normal food I was eating 6K a day. But now that I am on Soylent I am only consuming 3600K a day.
It took me a little while to get it right, but I am pretty happy where I am at. Currently I am 6’10 at 225 lbs and pretty active. My goal is to gain weight, and I am on an upshoot of my weight right now.
So I would suggest bumping up to 2500 calories, and try it for a couple weeks. If that is not enough, go up another 500 calories.


It looks like that will only calculate the macros, I tried a couple of variations and the micros didn’t change.


That’s because there isn’t much of a difference for the micro’s. The suggestions are the mid points, there are normally upper and lower limits as well.
About the only thing that changes the numbers are drastic age differences, or gender differences.