How do you store your daily oil servings?


I am about to embark on the adventure of DIY. I plan on mixing 7 days’ worth at a time into individual ziplock baggies. I’m not sure what I should store each day’s allotment of oil in, though. Any suggestions?



I measure the oil out each night. Usually pretty quick that way.

I’ve tried mixing the oil with the powder but it tends to be more of a mess than it’s worth. Takes more time dealing with the sticky result than to measure out the oil each time.


So far, I’ve been just adding the oil when I mix, but have been thinking about something like these:

I was thinking of bento-box soysauce holders, but those don’t hold more than 5-12mL:

Alas. Gonna keep my eye on this thread for ideas. =)


I prefer to measure my liquids when I’m prepping a batch rather than everyday.

I use these amber jars to better protect the oil from light degradation. The small jars (2oz or 60 ml) are good for any of my normal recipes, the large jars (4oz or 120ml) are for keto.


I use little Tupperware bowls. 50 grams is a little under half full. As other people are doing, I just fill it at night and use the next day. When my 1 week of real Soylent arrives, I will probably reuse the oil containers from that for a while. I will probably switch to the real Soylent, just not sure how soon. Financial issues make the $4.20 a day for DIY soylent easier to take than the $9.30 a day.


@kennufs, any chance you’d be willing to sell some of your extra small bottles? Or do you know of a source for them that doesn’t sell them by the case?


They’re all in use at the moment, I make DIY in monthly batches and am going to be making a new batch shortly. I never looked for anything other than a case once I found it, so I don’t know where to find them individually.

I would be happy to send you some of the empty oil bottles from the official Soylent though, it’ll take a few days to empty a week’s worth so it would be next week some time unless you want a couple of full bottles in the mix. Fortunately seven bottles are a perfect fit in the small USPS flat rate box, shoot me a PM with where to send them if your interested.