How do you track your physical/medical data?


How and what do you use to track data related to your health while embarking on this experiment? I’m looking for a comprehensive and efficient way to track data, (better than jotting things in a notebook, which I may also resort to). Do you use an app? A spreadsheet? A notebook?

I want to keep track of the basics: weight, body measurements, mood, cognitive function (how are some of you testing that? I’ve seen a website mentioned before but I’ll have to go back and look for it) - but also any additional foods I eat and what effect that has on me, as well as multiple health symptoms that I’ll be trying to resolve with soylent. And test results as I’ll be getting many done soon. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!


I don’t know that anyone has attempted to set any sort of standard, yet, within this community. I plan on creating a spreadsheet that will track some subjective metrics, objective measurements, and then a bunch of derivatives.

Getting a scale, measuring tape (or string + a ruler), body fat calipers, and maybe a blood glucose meter would be great. Perhaps a wall mirror and camera. Your tracker will depend on the measurements you make, and those will depend on the tools available. Blood work is obviously desirable.


Great idea Spryte!

Ok @rob and company. This may not be in the companies goals, but surely an app that helps people track this information should come with Soylent? After all, what better marketing do you need if you can consolidate everyone’s positive health benefits? I myself would use it and gladly waive away the data to be shared (anonymously) for the good of Soylent. I am sure many DIY’ers would also contribute (although a distinction should be made).


I would certainly be happy to turn my data over to Soylent Corp. in order to further research if they themselves came out with an app. If not, perhaps one of the super smart techies that frequent this forum will at some point decide to throw something together. Myself, I have absolutely zero knowledge about how to create an app, but I would be happy to collaborate with someone in terms of functionality and what kinds of data to keep track of.

It was suggested to me by a scientist friend that in the meantime, I might find some helpful ideas for gathering data in the Quantified Self community, which I’ll be looking into. In addition, google forms was a good solution for her when she began tracking data related to someone’s diet. I’ll be looking into both of those.


I have put together a Google Apps spreadsheet with charts. Now just waiting for my Soylent to arrive.


I’ve been wearing the Basis health tracker watch all day everyday. I think it is the most comprehensive activity and sleep tracker on the market. It is important to have this data so you know if your weight and mood after starting Soylent aren’t just improving because you’ve been exercising more and sleeping better.