How do you use your Soylent?


OK tastes different than 1.3 that threw me for a loop, but I’m getting over it.

Here is how my wife and I use Soylent. w

We spread a week’s worth over the month.

I’m an adjunct professor of English, my wife has her own Legal Practice. That means we are overly educated beggars. It also means our schedule sucks. She could be in a hearing two towns away, I could be in a class. And (did you think we covered the bills with that?) Both work a side retail job, she works at CVS and I work at B&N.

So how do we use Soylent? to fill in the cracks. I don’t pretend to eat organic, etc… but I do try to not use prepared food, and eat stuff cooked from scratch. Sometimes we don’t have food in the fridge or a portion fo leftovers in the freezer, so we go soylent.

So we keep a pitcher of Soylent in case we miss a meal. Or sometimes don’t want to make one, I’ll take my pitcher to work.

We try to save money, so I think that is our motivation. Are there people out there using Soylent as an occasional meal replacement?


I eat soylent for breakfast every morning, and about ½ of my lunches.

Breakfast because I’m in a hurry and it’s the fastest healthy breakfast I know.

Lunch because when I don’t have Soylent I have really unhealthy food delivered (my company covers the cost of lunch delivery food).

And I want some Soylent, because I have more more energy when I eat Soylent than when I don’t.


The two main things I was looking for from Soylent are the freedom from eating all the gross filler meals (fast food at lunch) and a healthy way to reduce my calorie intake while still getting balanced nutrition (just eating half of a McDonalds’ burger isn’t optimal). I feel that both of these have been met.

During the week I make a two and a half scoop batch which I take to work. This is my breakfast and lunch. I have totally eliminated weekday fast food from my diet. In the evenings I will usually eat a normal dinner, or just Soylent and a snack if I’m feeling lazy.

Soylent is usually about half of my diet on the weekends unless I’m in town running errands.

Currently I am flavoring with vanilla extract but taking a tip from the forum and will be experimenting with LorAnn Oils’ concentrated flavors.

I like the neutral taste and I like 1.4. Flavors can be added for those that want it. I’m puzzled by people who want something non-neutral. Any strong flavor is going to get old. “Gee I wish they had Soylent in Radberry Mouthgasm!”…yeah maybe, for about a week, then it’s going to get old fast.

Though it may be “dripping with privilege” to say, but I do like the freedom from the hassle of thinking about what to eat all the time. Some meals are just filler, and a healthier alternative for me is great. So far I’m loosing weight, saving time and feeling better with Soylent.


I am trying to put on muscle. So I created a DIY specifically geared toward that goal. I break it up into 6 servings a day to keep a constant flow of protein for my muscles.

Before Soylent that meant planning out 6 meals hitting a target macronutrient profile and calorie count. I ended up eating the same 6 meals everyday. I didn’t particularly care what I was eating and apparently variety wasn’t an issue.

DIY made my dietary goals so much easier. I can hit any ratio or calorie count I want and don’t have to worry about whether or not I am getting enough of the good stuff or too much of the bad stuff. It just works.


I also stretch a week’s supply to last most of the month.

I don’t like eating breakfast but liquids are fine, so I have half a serving of soylent for breakfast. And then I either have one serving for lunch or dinner. I really like food so I’d prefer to not go straight soylent.


One thing I don’t know if a lot of people realize that as a total meal replacement, Soylent lets you easily have more meals per day. I have 500ml of prepared Soylent for Breakfast and then another 500ml around 11am. I have another 500ml at around 3pm and then the final 500ml at home around 7 or so. This has the added benefit of me only needing to take a 1 liter container with me to work.

As I understand it, multiple meals spread out throughout the day is a better way to consume your daily caloric intake. There are several references to this but I don’t have them available to me right now.

I replace all of my non-social meals with Soylent, btw, as is suggested by the above.