How does one send a Private Message on here?


Hello everyone. I’m sorry, I’m kind of new to this format of forum. How do you send a private message on here? This board seems like the best place to ask. Thanks in advance.


Click on their username (ie: Rurijou above this text) and in the bottom left of the little window that pops up it says “Private Message” in Blue.

Alternatively, if you’re in their profile, in the center, beneath the username in the coverpage area, it also has “Private Message” in blue.


Thanks for the quick response. I’ve tried both methods, but I’m not seeing anything saying Private Message in blue. I am logged as you can see in the upper right corner. I took 2 screenshots to show you what I’m seeing.

Maybe if I log out and log back in, or there’s something I’m not seeing here.

Well I took 2 screenshots, but new users can’t post images here. Let me try posting the album link here.


Now I see. Now its working. I don’t know why it was not working, but I signed out and signed back in. Now its working.

Thank you.


Awesome to hear that! I’m glad :wink:


I just received a notification saying that I was promoted to Basic User. That may have been the issue. Thanks again. :slight_smile: Nice kitten, I love cats.


They limit the features new users have so they can grow into the interface over a few days; that’s why you didn’t have the private messaging option before.


Well that does makes sense. It is good to know, the interface really is different from a lot of other boards out there. I’m a quick learner. :slight_smile: