How does Powder 1.6 compare to Drink 2.0?

I found Powder 1.4 undrinkably gross and I love Drink 2.0. What are the chances I’ll like Powder 1.6?


Most people like it, but some seem to be sensitive to the algae flavor. It’s very different from 1.4. Much smoother, maybe a touch on the slimy side.


V1.6 and 2.0 are nothing alike and V1.6 is a significant departure from the powdered 1.4 and 1.5.
I have learned to not jump to conclusions about the flavor of any soylent product as the first impressions almost always change after a few tries. Am enjoying V1.6, 2.0 and Coffiest these days.
my favorite though was V1.3 oh well.



oh man how I miss v1.3! I could live on 1.3 forever.


In my house, I really like 1.6, but it isn’t as good and easy as 2.0. The big difference is that 1.6 has given my wife diarrhea every single time she drank it. 2.0 does not do that.

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You may want to report that bad experience to Rosa Labs.

The more information they receive about illness and bad experiences the more it’ll help everyone.

There’s quite a lively long thread about people becoming ill with products here at Discourse.

Good point. I gave them a detailed report. i definitely look forward to another version and tweak. I generally like 1.6 myself. I have had every version publicly available, and I think 1.6 has been a good evolution. 2.0 is pretty much perfection though…

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