How does Soylent subscription work?


What do they mean by, “If this is your first Soylent order, your subscription will begin in an estimated 2-3 months”? Currently there is an over-demand so it will take them 4-5 months to ship an order. So does this mean that it will take 2-3 months + 4-5 months = 6-7 months for me to receive my first Soylent?


4-5 months apply to single orders. 2-3 months apply to subscriptions. So, only “2-3 months” is your answer.

Those times are now out-of-date, but RL hasn’t updated in their quest (fear-based from past experiences) to under-promise and over-achieve. New single orders are shipping in 2 months (not 4-5 months). I am unsure how improved shipping time is for first-time subscriptions, but definitely under 2 months now.


Judging from this thread it looks like they’ve got turnaround time down to less than 2 months.


Correct. Where do you think I got the information “new single orders are shipping in 2 months” from? :smile: Also, the Soylent Shipment Tracker is a great tool to follow.