How does the forum "summarize" a thread?


When I start reading a long thread here at discourse.soylent, a little message comes up at the bottom of the first post, which says something like, “Estimated read time for this thread is 45 minutes. Read all 80 posts or summarize the thread to show only the most relevant posts?”

This is the first forum I’ve visited that has a “summarize” function and I’m curious how the machine determines which posts are the most “relevant.”


No idea, but I would expect it would recognize replies/likes as showing relevance.

@codinghorror, is the one to ask.


I see no such summarize feature anywhere… sounds interesting though. How would one find it?

Strike that I see it now, had to look at a really long thread. Interesting!


Yeah the summarize option is at the top of long topics. The factors it uses are:

For each post…

  • total read time
  • number of viewed flags
  • number of replies
  • number of likes
  • number of internal links
  • number of external links
  • number of bookmarks

Modified a little bit by length