How effective will Soylent be for weight gain?


I’m a 110-115lb, 5’8", 20 year old male. Very underweight.
Will the 2010 calories & nutrition from the Soylent alone be enough for steady weight gain? How does it compare to food that’s the same number of calories? Thanks.


According to the DIY calculator, that should be approximately enough if you don’t exercise often. If you’re active at all, I would consider either consuming extra Soylent or eating some calorie rich food on the side.


I’m a hardgainer too. (I’m 6’2" 165lbs, and my weight is sometimes down in the lower 150s during times of stress etc) Protein shakes, and “gainers” have always given me gas. Soylent is no different. Even 1.1 seems to be causing a lot of gas. I’m going to try to stick it out for a few more days, maybe weeks. Luckily I work from home. If I was working in a shared office or indoor space, I would have already given up already.