How fast does Soylent pass through the body?


I imagine about this fast:

Just a Friday funny folks! All this frustration to get the product, we need some fun around here.

Still impatiently waiting.


Made me laugh! We do need more funnies. Anyone got any other Soylent jokes or jokes that can be modified slightly to become Soylent jokes?


Is there a soy-free version? I’m going on Soy Lent.

I’ll let myself out.


Soy-vey that was bad.


And yet it was still so soy-tisfying

edit: Ok that was even worse


Uh oh, I laughed so hard I think I just Soyled myself!


you guys are just insoylable…

Ill be here all week!


The fact that you guys can figure out soy many puns is soyspicious It’s like you’ve done this before.


Its very easy once you get the hang of it and its all soyted out.


Any groaning or mental anguish caused by this thread would soyv us all right.


Oh come on, no retort to that? The soylence is deafening!


I was enjoying my soylace until i read your post…


Maybe the lack of quality puns is just a soyn of the times…


Perhaps we’ve exhausted our supply of puns. If so, the pun-haters can breath a soy of relief!


I don’t think so, the pun haters will have to soyn out to get away from these puns!


I would take some small satisfaction in driving a pun-hater to leave, it gives me a twisted sense of pleasure, kinda soyta.





Dont you mean… ‘Stsoypid?’ ararararar


Well we soytainly are in a mood today!


I have to do something to keep myself from going insoyne while I’m at work!