How fiber affects the microbiome


An interesting article about how fiber affects the microbiome.

when Sonnenburg fed mice plenty of fiber, microbes that specialized in breaking it down bloomed, and the ecosystem became more diverse overall. When he fed mice a fiber-poor, sugary, Western-like diet, diversity plummeted. (Fiber-starved mice were also meaner and more difficult to handle.) But the losses weren’t permanent. Even after weeks on this junk food-like diet, an animal’s microbial diversity would mostly recover if it began consuming fiber again.


I’ve known for a while now that there’s a strong connection between fiber and the gut. Hell, just the other week I saw another Google Fiber van driving by and I instantly got butterflies.


Did you try to catch the butterflies with a neutrality net?


I have psyllium fiber and inulin along with my Soylent, and have been all along. I don’t mind if I fart a little more often.


I know everyone hates the grammar police, but it is “affects”, not “effects” in the context in which the OP uses it.

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